Deleted a blog / stuck

Stuck. Thinking about my next faux pas. 

Today I deleted "The Mali Show" - blog and imported all the blog posts from that blog into this one. Now I own ONE DOMAIN ONLY! Thank GOD!😂 No more confusion!👍I had not used the other blog since Christmas 2023. Go Daddy wanted me to renew the domain and I was like...I don`t think so.
Not today! Not tomorrow and not for the rest of the year. I know you have more probems in your life than a simple blogging-problem.😕 But to me this is HUGE! The "famous" blogger that I am. NOT!
I`ve said once or twice that I want to become a famous blogger, but I am not a "blogger". I am more avant-garde kind of artist. (That hasn`t made anything yet!) Kind of like Yoko Ono? Yes, sometimes I see myself in her. Nobody understands anything. With a lot of comedy. And I share whatever I`m doing on my blog. 

Let me figure out a real faux pas

But right now I am STUCK. I have a project but...I will finish it before this summer (2024) arrives.
In the meanwhile I will probably vlog meaningless content for my YouTube channel. Meaningless sh*t! 😂 Zooming in real close on the bushes outside, drink coca cola straight from the bottle, wear more leopard. YES! I fogot that I really am into leopard. WHY have I NOT wore any leopard recently? Am I depressed? Why is it so hard to create that "I don`t give a sh*t" kind of art? But I will, though. Let me just get dressed. Let me just figure out a real faux pas before I leave the house. 

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The day I realized who I am. 

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