Random facts about me...

- Coffee!...I don`t have to explain this one. You can figure out this for yourself.
Take a beautiful coffee cup picture, you said? WHY? HOW the hell do you have TIME to organize anything when you`re thirsty?

An old apartment that I don`t live in anymore. I always use a straw in my coffee. (Because I want my teeth to be white.) 

Purses! I don`t have to explain this one either. The obsession is just too real to talk about.

Guess purse bought on sale. Because I LOVE yellow! 🌞

I was on the Norwegian Idol. I have to explain this one, though.


But it is what initially made me continue doing YouTube videos and writing blogs later on in my life. I was on the internet already, and it wasn`t going to change, I was ALREADY a public figure (In Norway!) And the best way to cope with it was creating my own videos. EVEN though sometimes MY videos are even weirder than my Idol publicity-stunt video.

- I tried to collaborate on a project with a friend and it didn`t work out. We called ourselves

A video that we collaborated on: 

Why did it not work out? Well, I wanted to start my own international thing, whatever that meant. Didn`t want to be "Idol Mali" forever. Not ONLY Idol Mali. That was kinda annoyying to me.
I almost never made a video ever since, but it is all going to change soon. Or eventually. This has everything to do with timing.

- I like scull-pictures on everything!...

I pretend to like Yoga. This is the pregnant cow - position... 

I make videos...and I have always had my own unique style...I had a tiny apartment so the bed was in the living room. I am SO glad this is not the case anymore, but I was happy in this apartment also. I had a lot of fun there! 😂

Here is an example! ⇩

- I believe we`re going to Mars...

And I want to end this by saying that I think we came from Mars originally.  And I believe we already are there or have connections there. Now! Many people do believe this also, not just me. (Conspiracy theorists or not, I am not alone in believing this.) At least (personally) I feel this strong connection to different planets in the solar system. Please don`t laugh. I mean it! I feel that I am an alien!😁 (Okay, I am kidding.) At least I don`t believe the earth is flat. Although I do consider myself somewhat freaky/weird, flat-earthers are the ultimate freaks. Freaks with a capital F!

Made a song once that kind of have this theme. Lyrics: "I wish the world was flat sometimes, because I wish that I was wrong sometimes, but I`m not!" Kinda don`t understand my own lyric of the song to be honest,  because it just came out of my mouth like that. I guess it means that I WISH it was flat so that I am wrong sometimes (because I do NOT believe the earth is flat.) But IF it was, then I was wrong all along...get it? Here it is (Yes, this video just as weird as the rest of the videos I`ve made. I simply am not capable to create something normal 😄)...

So, I feel it`s about time that someone answers this question for me:
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