YES MAN! (How to manifest)

Say YES! Like in the movie "Yes Man!" with my favorite actor Jim Carrey. Be positive even when things are not going your way. They will eventually. Bad experiences is the universe trying to tell you to re-examine what you really want in your life. And it could also be exactly what you NEED to experience. Sometimes you meet the right people in your life during what you may think are negative experiences. Experiences that turn out to be necessary to get you on the right track. Redirecting you from an earlier state. Status quo, where nothing really happened, and you had NO personal progress. That`s what happened to me. I was stuck for a very long time. And even though I knew I was stuck and new chances at getting myself into the limelight came to me like out of NOWHERE, I said "NO!" Because I said "NO! to most things in my life. And I know if I had said "YES!" that I would have had some kind of "job/career" opportunity. At least SOMETHING by now. 

BUT!: If I had not said "NO!", I would not have experienced the life I am experiencing right now. I would have done something different. And it would not have been that great, most likely. The main reason is because the job opportunities were in my local area and it felt very restricted. I wanted to move and I did eventually move. So, sometimes what seems to be an opportunity isn`t what you actually want anyway. It wasn`t meant to be. 

My advice to you is to start to say "YES!" to what you really want. You KNOW when to say YES! You can do like I do; I program my mind to prepeare to say yes to the next opportunity that comes to me, that is in alignment with what I want to experience. Say yes to life, and life magically says yes to you. The law of attraction. It works. I always get what I want. BUT: I have wanted things that did not really serve me well in the past. I got what I wanted - to realize it is NOT the way to go - and now I know that I don`t want it after all, BUT I would not have known that I don`t want it if it wasn`t for me experiencing having it. Get it? So, then I started to focus more on the details; what do I REALLY want to do with my life? Or where EXACTLY do I want to live? 

The house, the rooms, a two story home with a beach view? YES! YES! YES! Are you alone or with a spouse or...? Do you have a pet? Be super-focused! Do this so that you don`t end up living the life of your nightmares! Don`t see yourself with an idiot of a partner, or choosing being a single old hag living with 9 cats when you can have one MALE cat (Because you want a cat, right? I used this as an example. I don`t want a cat though, I want a turtle. 🐢) But be careful! There`s a huge difference between ONE cat and 9 cats! 9 cats with 9 freaking lives too on the top of it all. 😂 The struggle is REAL! Yes, you can say in the end that you manifested what you said you wanted at the time, but OMG! Now you want to get out of the situation. Now you are working on your exit-plan to un-manifest all of it. 

Even though you ordered this starter kit it`s NOT what you want so NO THANKS!
*Looking at the return policy*

I personally wanted to travel to places like Miami. I didn`t really focus on the details and ended up going to another part of the world because life had changed a lot since I programmed "Miami" into my unconcious mind. The universe responed eventually to my wish. (After a few years.) In this new location, where I stayed a period during Covid19, someone I knew had a neighbor who had a shop called "Miami". Nothing wrong with this but the universe hears you. So it can manifest in weird ways and not even close to what you wanted. So, be careful what you say that you want - because you will get it! Words have wings. If I had only super-focused on actually going to Miami, watched the music video "I`m going to Miami" by Will Smith every day, twice a day, I might have been there already. Half-joke, because IF you focus on actually being somewhere, you might end up there. Watching Will Smith cruising on a cabin cruiser in Miami is obviously NOT enough. You have to actually step into action mode and plan how to get there. 

You have to be on the frequency of what you want. Because you ARE the thing that you want.  Whatever you express comes back to you, whether it is bad or good. I have had a "great success" in manifesting bad things throughout my life. Because I didn`t know how it all works. I said "NO!" I became a freaking naysayer. And that`s why I always got a big, fat "NO!" in return. After a few years at the self-help-section (which I will make a song about!) I realize how it all works. You don`t just get the things that you want, you have to BE THEM. "I am rich!" and "I have a successful career!" Then go and BE it! HOW? How to get your frequency up? Be positive and become a YES -sayer! See yourself in your location and your situation of your desire. Seeing different houses. Call an agency and be there phycically (Yeah, I know it `s crazy! The point is to start working with the frequency of the things that you want.) See your bank account filled with money! You`ll start seeing money on the floor. I found money instantly on the ground after focusing on money for one day. There`s so much money out there, you have no idea! I like this method so much because I`ve TESTED it. I`ve manifested EVERYTHING up until this point in my life and not all of it has been great. But it is very important that you realize it. That thoughts and words have power. Whatever you think about starts to change into "things". 

Thoughts are things!

I will write more on this topic later whenever I got more time. Right now I am busy doing chores. I have to admit that I have manifested too many chores. Chores came with the wish that I had a few years ago, but I am now reprogramming my unconcious mind to have LESS chores and more walks at the beach. I am stopping at NOTHING! YOU DECIDE what you want to create for yourself! ONLY YOU! And you WILL MANIFEST! 💖

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