How to not give a damn and live a life in freedom...

How to not give a damn:

Stop watch television. It tells lies to your vision! Create your OWN television instead! I am trying to create my own show at "The Mali Show" (on YouTube) Be your OWN BOSS! Make your OWN headlines! Let your inner voice be HEARD!

Shake your head to the drama going on in the world. Sometimes you just have to focus on your OWN world. If we all focused more on ourselves and our own life purpose we would make ourselves happy and satisfied, and then the world looks happier too. Everything reflects how you FEEL. It is ALWAYS about the feeling. Are you feeling stressed out about negative episodes f.ex on the news then; YES!!! (Hell YES!) you are going to feel like crap! I threw out the TV in 2007 and I can say that I have never been happier than right now. And right now is only the beginning. 

So shake your heads, people!...

Shook my head in a video that I once made...

Here is my version 2 for weirdos! (It`s so BAD, it`s GOOD!)

Didn`t give a damn, some people may say it`s the stupidest video I have ever made. Couldn`t agree more, that`s why I laugh so much right now. Tell me the last time YOU were a parody on yourself for millions to watch? (You gotta thing BIG to manifest great things! So, high five to you if you also are one of the few!) To me it feels so great that I`ll continue like this - even if it`s the last thing I`ll ever do. 

I ain`t gonna care bout what`s going on ANYMORE! The lies we are being told every single day about what is NOT going on in the world. All the truths they`re holding back from us. I choose to care about what is going on inside of my own heart and soul. And WOW! The intencity, you guys, the creativity. BETTER than TV! It never fails me and I can honestly say that it has healed me EVERY TIME I felt some tendancy of depression. Had many opportunities to let depression break me down, but then I created. Some people choose to hate, some people choose to create. "The creative adult is the child who survived!" 

Trust me; I don`t know how to dance or whatsoever, but I still do my thing on the dance floor (in my own living room) I simply don`t give a damn and this way I live my life in freedom. A bird can fly anywhere. And it should be able to. This reminds me of the time when a family member had two birds. I KNEW it wasn`t gonna last. (Kinda sad.) Birds deserve so much more than being in a cage. (It wasn`t my idea to have birds! I can`t look at animals being caged. It feels wrong.) One day the cage fell down from the balcony wall outside and the birds flew away. I just KNEW it was going to happen one day. At least they experienced real freedom even if it was their last days on this earth. 

If in doubt, just dance! Or sing. Or make an hour long vlog where you talk about your walk in nature, even if you only smelled the flowers. (I hope that`s all you smelled! Anyways, none of anyone`s business EITHER how many mushrooms you brought home that day. 😵 (#irony) Just let things flow! Doubt is a part of the creative process anyway. So, don`t worry so much about doubt and fear. Just do it anyway. You`ll get to the point of self-acceptance eventually, if creativity is your life purpose.)

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