It doesn't really matter...or does it?

"It doesn't really matter where we live, what we do, if I am an African American or a Canadian American, the only difference is the weather. We're just characters." Jim Carrey, my idol, said this in an interview and I agree 100%. I always wanted to be in a movie, and hey! I already am! I am in this movie called life on earth. I am doing what I love, playing my part. And whenever I should get depressed. Which means deep rest, it is only because I am tired of playing the character. But it's healthy to take a break from your character. Expecially if you have MORE THAN ONE! 😂

Some characters are happier than other characters...

Norwegian politician. If you`re Norwegian, you can probably guess who?...

I said I was going to quit all social medias because nobody cares about whatever people do on social media anyway... I agree...but at the moment I need more readers and followers on my blog, so social media helps a lot to get traffic to my blogs and videos. It is all about the traffic.

This is a good one! 😄 And probably true in my case.

Right now social media helps a little. (Although I don`t have a huge following yet.) Even though I said that it doesn`t really matter, social media profiles do have a purpose. Expecially if you have an online business etc. 

I am a firm believer in following your dreams no matter where you are in your life. Just go for it! If you fail, at least you tried. Most people who have reached a high level of success have failed anyway at one point. I don`t call it failing. It`s more like; you realize there are a lot of things that don`t work and then you just learn from the mistakes and try over again. Until you fail a little less than you did before. Eventually you will start cracking the code and master your art. And that day is a really great day!

But the one thing that you must do is: risk being seen in whatever you attempt to achieve. Don`t hold yourself back! Get out of your comfort zone even though it scares you. Don`t be afraid to be seen by the whole world. You can be a great actor in front of the mirror at home...

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