There are LIES!

Throwback photo. Just wanted to show you my silver jacket that I proudly bought at the Salvation Army. It was stolen from me many years ago! In a foreign country because I guess they had never seen silver jackets like this one before. There are dark forces in this universe (Kinda why I started my own universe!)...

Song that I made while being fed up by society. I will make a better version soon. Recorded this during the worst confinement EVER. To be FREE is on my bucketlist! We are not free. "I do me - you do you - this is my only truth!" Leave me alone WITHOUT your bullshit. The "truth" that is all over the news. THEIR truth, by the way. Their truth!  Not my truth. Threw out the TV a long time ago. I am on my OWN channel! #covid19

In my own colorful universe...

I ain't got time for it!

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