I just want to entertain!

I just want to entertain. Do what I came here to do. Even if it means staring in your face for five minutes "Who laughs first?" and "WOW! is that a bugger in your nose?" No filter, with other words. Or screaming in a grandma`s ear at the mall "FREAK!" Jump into a freezer at a mall and scream. "WHAT`S FOR DINNER?!" (Okay maybe not, but you get what I`m saying, right?) Just going totally nuts. Yeah, I am that one person people know and say "I know someone who`s totally insane!" Unfortunately, sometimes, not ALL the time, people just don`t get my humor. And they think it`s actually a "brain damage" or something like that. "And at HER AGE!" Well, crazy has no age! (I see some people laughing now. Yeah? Am I doing something right here? Or wrong?😕 Hard to tell without those applause - sound effects that they use in every sitcom on TV.) I just decided that being myself can never go wrong. Because in the end I see it like this; you have this one life and you should rather just do what you love to do rather than getting fired for doing something that you hate doing. Because you will get fired for doing something that you hate, eventually, It can never work out. So, why don`t you do what you love? You can do it. That was all I came here to say today. Hope it helps someone who is struggeling to be themselves in a world with haters and naysayers. 

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