There`s nothing social about social media!

- So I quit!

I`m like...laughing so hard right now. At all the freaks on social media that think they are the next Kylie-whatever. I`m like whatever...why are they trying to become something outside of themselves when they should dig a little deeper within themselves?..IF they only spent a day in their own magical universe, like I spend my time in MY universe. OMG! Holy shit! The`s WILD! You will never leave! 

Nobody cares about your stories anyway. Not as much as YOU care about your own stories. Do something creative instead! Like hosting your own website. Take real photos in nature with a real (heavy DSLR) camera and make videos. I have only wasted time on social media. Time that I could have used doing something real instead to satisfy MYSELF and my own creative needs, not trying to impress others by being like THEM. When the world becomes crazy - I will become normal. When the world becomes sane, I will be the crazy maniac everybody laughs at. But now the world has become insane once and for all, not even in doubt, with everything that is going on in the media. And that`s when I back out and continue on my own; with only blogging and YouTube.YouTube is not social media. I am not trying to be social at all. I just have to entertain even though it is not entertaining to some people, perhaps a lot of people, and I do not care if anybody is not interested as long as I keep my own creative spark alive. Which is forever. I would rather entertain 10 people who felt great, because they gained something from whatever I did, than being a face that you scrolled down on - on Instagram, and left invisible among all the Kylie Jenners. "That idiot again!"WHO wants to be that face? You didn`t even click on me? To heart my freaking photo???!!!! 

Photo that I made once upon a time (Cool, right!):

Yes, that is how annoyying this competition actually is. And it is a super-unsocial experiment and it`s like being picked last for soccer at school. You know you rule but your image destroys everything. Because society is fake. Creates only bullies and only a certain look survives. Like the survival of the fittest.

I KNOW I can do so much BETTER by myself...

(This post was shared by me on Twitter. Twitter is not social media either. Twitter is it`s own world.)

Well, in the end I have to admit; I have not quit social media. I hate/love(?) social media and to my own dissapointment I still am pretty active on almost every social media platform out there. Except for TikTok. TikTok would basically kill me, so that`s why I decided to stay FAR AWAY from TikTok`s burning pit of fire. Thanks for reading. And remember to click on those following buttons. Up at the right, right next to the menu bar. 😁👍

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