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In the world? So much drama. I always distance myself from drama rather than engage in it. So much shit is going on that I have just decided to distance myself even further. UNTIL I see an opening for me to talk about some of these things and events that is going on. On a personal level and on an universal level. We are all effected by what`s going on on the planet. But I have decided to turn to comedy once again. I will stay positive and focus on entertaining mysef and other people. I never fall into a depression. I was once depressed (Basically all of my teenage years were wasted with depression because I had not found an opening yet. An outlet for me to express myself.) I was depressed - and I hated it. So I ain`t going back. I am the proven evidence that you can choose your thoughts. I just decided not to be depressed. And then things shifted in my life.

Another thing that I am doing right now...

Testing video options outside of YouTube...

Well, well, what can I say?...I could use this "Blogger" option IF YouTube should fail. (But not big video files.) But I guess if YouTube fails it`s because Google fails also, so I guess I am screwed anyways. But we do have Vimeo, though. To hateres: I WILL ALWAYS CREATE VIDEOS AND UPLOAD THEM! 😁

Angry brat-face is back again. "I WILL MAKE VIDEOS! I DON`T LISTEN TO NOBODY! NOT EVEN MY MAMA!!!"

 Even if the system should fail you will NEVER get rid of me! Just know that yours truly Mali is thinking ahead of time.

(This video player did not work well with mobile view at all, so I will not use this option ↓)

Moose running down the hill in Norway. At my mom`s farm. Great memories were created, more memories to be created in the future. I just wanted to make it short and simple today. I normally like lenghty blog posts, but don`t really have time to be honest. I could NOT say this about my life a few years ago. I had TIME. TOO MUCH time! It wasn`t healthy at all.

 Have a wonderul day/night wherever you are! 💖

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