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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021

Do this and you`ll be free...

Get out of the matrix! F.ex stop watch television. It tells lies to your vision. I stopped 2007 - ish because I had a ridiculous TV - experience. (One of my "Too creative" moments) I just stopped watching eventually, gradually. Just started not to care anymore. One of the best life decisions I`ve made.

Because I believe that the news is not real news. But it is not the fake news Donald Trump is talking about *"FAKE NEWS!"* No, it is the other hidden fake news. The fake news even the fake news-ers don`t mention. (Because only a few know the truth about what`s really going on.)

 If we don`t do anything about it, this is how I see the future...

I just want to do what I want to do. It has always been my main focus in life. 

Just find out what you love to do and...

I care about what is going on in society, but at the same time I can`t care. I simply don`t have the time or energy right now to do anything about it even though I am completely aware of it. The dysfunction in the world. Even in my own home country there`s dysfunction. Even though it is supposed to be the one of the safest countries to grow up in. And live in as an adult. For some reason it has not been very easy for me at times. So I broke free with other words. From the bla bla bla...all the voices. And it may come as a surprise; but they are NOT voices inside of my own head 😄 ...

"We need to do things this way". "It`s not possible". "You are WRONG!" And you become a ten year old little kid again. You know, the dissapointed brat face (from my previous post)? "I-don`t-want-to!" and "I-want-to play-Nintendo!"

Not even once do I stop and think "Maybe they are right". When you know, you know.

Some people say I am lazy, but I`ve got a lot to give...

We, human, blossom like flowers under the right circumstance. If not; like a flower we`ll slowy die. You are also able to choose your own circumstances. You have the power to create YOUR place in this world. I am intentionally doing this with my life, because I would rather fulfill my own dreams than struggeling to fulfill other`s dreams. Do this and you`ll be free.

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