You FAKE like this Birkin!


Don`t become a copy! That is very important to me. We all struggle with this from time to time.
But I try as hard as I can to go with my OWN tunnel vision. I decide what I think is hot or not. I decide what and who I want to follow, IF I should become a follower of anything; I know I follow because I get REAL inspiration from it. NOT because everybody else does it!

I am now going to react to a topic (In this category on my blog I sometimes react to topics or to situations.) Because I want people to wake up and follow their life paths. I am trying to follow my life path as much as possible.

The barbie / pink - blogger OR YouTuber

In my country Norway almost every blogger is a "pink blogger". (ALMOST every blogger! A LOT of them, but not every blogger. Some of the bloggers are okay (or even great bloggers!), and I can accept them.) BUT! There are a lot of "pink" bloggers and every Norwegian can agree with me on this. They only write about their lives and looks. (Bacically; it looks like they all want to be like Kylie Jenner.) That is why I don´t think that she is a good role model for young girls at all. She has a business worth about a billion dollars, but she would never have that business if it was not for her famous family. So to say that "She needs a tap on the shoulder for being such a successful businesswoman" ? Well, I don`t know about that one. Yes, I am sure that is a hard job, but let`s be honest here; she has a whole team of 500 people helping her with that business. (Kylie Cosmetics) I am not hating on her right now, I am just saying that; what a lot of girls think is a role model is actually someone who has got everything on a silver platter all her life without actually TRYING. Without actually struggling to get to the top. She was already on the top from the very beginning. But it is not her fault that she was born into that life. This was just an example. I just feel it is sad to watch. It saddens me when everybody wants to be and act like everybody else. I don`t see these types of celebrities as role models at all. Because they are fake. Just as fake as that Birkin on the photo above. Fake lips, fake breast, fake butts. I am just being honest here! Okay, if you have been doing these booty-shaping-squats (or whatever the mainstream chooses to call it!), then honey, you DESERVE it! I don`t even think about doing them. I am too lazy for those thoughts! They never pop into MY head! Trust me! I can joke about it, yes, I can, but I never actually go through with it. Okay, I am LAZY and you are not, okay? I am proud to be lazy, though. I am breaking out of the system and the mainstream (when I am being lazy).
Hi, my name is Lazy-Mali and I drink my tea with a straw!
And then I record songs about my LAZY everyday life. 

*Not feeling as proud of myself as I thought that I would by saying this.* Feeling like I should run a couple of miles now!* Instead of getting another cup of coffee and a donut!*

Anyways; My role models are people who came from NOTHING, had a dream and never gave up on that dream. There are a LOT of people to choose from. I am not going to list every successful person in this blog post, but I think you understand what I am trying to explain to you. 

I kind of love it when a designer comes up with a fake Birkin bag. Or "You fake like this Chanel". I am a bag-o-holic myself but I have a limit to how expensive I think that a bag SHOULD BE. And I am not just saying this right now because I am jealous and WANT these expensive designer bags. You know what? I actually think it would be much cooler to design my own bags or shopping at a thrift store. (And maybe I will!) 

Think for yourself, honey! Be you, do you! If you actually LOVE the fake-look/lifestyle, then okay, that is YOUR life path. I am not going to argue on your own journey. I am only sharing my opinion here. Maybe you are tired of the mainstream too? Are you an anti establishment kind of person, feeling like you are enslaved by society? Just break free today! 


Or maybe you just don`t want to wake up, because...

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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