I have tried it ALL, honey!

I have changed my blog design (template) probably ten times now. I never become satisfied.

If I find a nice template there`s always something wrong with it. I have tried over ten different styles.
I am TIRED! I have tried it ALL! So I will just stick with this one because it works on mobile devices.  Okay that was today`s blog post. Have a great day!

Okay, this was actually all that I wanted to say in today`s blog post. But I guess I can write a little bit more.

So what else is new?

Oh, yeah...
A love story that never seems to end. I have tried to end it many times. It never works! It doesn`t help to cheat with a cup of tea. I have tried that too. I have tried it ALL, honey! I have come to the conclusion that ONLY me and Lady Gaga understands what a really bad romance means...


And now over to the weird part (Like it was not weird already...)

Don`t expect too much even though I said that I will start to blog more frequently in an earlier blog post. Finding good ideas is not always easy. You need to have the right mindset. VERY serious to be a blogger! I hope that you all know this! I take this profession very seriously. #profession #irony. I hope that you have heard about irony.

So, friends and frienemies; there`s a lot of questions that we have to ask ourselves in a serious situation like this one, as a professional blogger (rich and famous blogger! Ranked very HIGH on Google - NOT!)...

I will continue to blog in English even though as many of you already know; I am a Norwegian living in Norway. In a small town in Norway. But I have my own thing going on here, and this is my way to express myself, and I hope that YOU are happy with the way that YOU choose to express yourself. It is VERY important to never limit yourself in any way! I know that I don`t! I will also use this blog for future creative projects. As a great way to document my journey. Life is a journey as we all know. 

Who knows what will happen next. I am...

None of these photos are new. I have a whole archive with different categories. These were selected from the WEIRD - category. I hope you like them and I`ll see you later! ;-)

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