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Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 29, 2017

But the change is gonna come...

Yo! What`s up friends and frienemies?! I want to continue to blog more frequently. That is the plan. Why do I even keep this domain; malisuniverse.com, which is my OWN universe, if I do not blog?

Throwing in a photo for the "fans"! I have still not to this day been on a 
long awaited photoshoot. But I just "dont`t have time". The most popular excuse in the world.

BUT let me tell ya; MORE TO COME! I am not going to sit on my butt any longer!
Although I am right now. I am going to snap those photos of myself just like I was surrounded by ten paparazzi`s. "No, too many pictures!" People are going to say "That`s one weirdo right there!" But I don`t care. I am in my own universe, Mali`s universe. And she ain´t got no shame.  So with my shameless behavior I do what I want, I get what I want. (It is the lyrics of a song under production. It is better than it sounds, trust me!)

AND Eventually (I know this sounds lazy but...)
I plan to: do squats, honey, yoga and then run a mile, I have said that before. And when I said it I also
said "This time, honey, I am going to do something about it" But I didn`t do anything about it then either. So WHO KNOWS what can happen?!

 But the change is gonna come! Because the change has to come. Change always comes. But don`t you sit and wait for it to come. You want to be aware of it coming. You want to KNOW what kind of change that is coming. You want to be involved with that change.

Aretha Franklin made a song called "A change is gonna come".

Just listen to it; I love her old songs:

I shall overcome! I shall overcome the age of social media. It`s destroying my figure!

So from now on I will obviously start excersicing (Can`t even spell the word right, hate it so 
much!) And really start to transform myself. Into Jane Fonda, my idol.

And then I will blog my journey!

   Blogging is one of my real PASSIONS in life! 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)