All the stories going on simultaneously...

I am a purse-collector. I collect all kinds of purses and bags. I had to stop buying purses and bags because I don`t have any more space left. The expression on my face is exactly how I feel while holding a brand new purse. Feeling like a million dollars! This is not exactly a story in itself, but it will be a serious story in the future if I don`t stop buying purses and bags. A story for my grandkids.
We all want to tell stories to our grandchildren in the future. But I don`t want to tell them how broke I was as a purse addict. I am probably a lot of things, but broke is not my plan for the future.

We were born naked and the rest is drag

In the past (I don`t do it anymore (just rarely!) I used to turn into a character. Well, you NEVER KNOW! That is one of the great things about me. You never know when I start to write another story. You never know when a story turns into history. 

Here I was Marilyn Monroe. I am obviously wearing a wig...

I thought that I looked smoking hot at the time. You know what they say;
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am the beholder.
And I had good self-confidence that day.

But after looking at the photos I had just taken, my self-confidence was not as
strong anymore. So I decided to drop the wig and bleach my hair for the more
natural look...

But once a wig-lover, always a wig-lover...

I can relate to that!

During the most uninspiring times on earth

I don`t know what I was trying to achieve here to be honest. This was just one of the stories going on inside my head, I guess. John Galliano was a very popular designer in the early 2000`s, and honey, I have been around a while, so I was into the Galliano - look. And whenever Mali photoshops herself in front of a Galliano photo shoot-picture, you KNOW she was inspired! The early 2000`s were the years of inspiration. There is a lack of inspiration nowadays. I just don`t get inspired by the restylane lip filler - culture. (Let`s all be like Kylie! - or DIE!) 

But I feel better days are coming, and if they don`t come fast enough I am going to something about it. Creative as I am; I always see a solution even during the most uninspiring times on earth.

Another episode of what was going on inside my mind...

I once had the idea to roll around on rollerblades wearing a huge pink gown while painting a HUGE painting, and randomly hitting the canvas with wild and outrageous strokes. (Isn`t that what we all do on a sunday morning?) This was even too wild and outrageous for little ol` me. Oh, the energy! But so little physical space at the time. So I did not go through with that idea. Why would I come up with such an idea? Well, it was during the dark night of the soul. The rent was to high and my income to low. I was eating noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had to do anything just to get by another day. Life can be a battlefield but you survive. 

Although not everything goes as planned in life, I did photoshop myself inside a tiny room with a huge pink gown, wearing rollerblades. That was the extension of the story that was already playing out inside my own imagination. Who knows what happened before this? I was probably rolling around on my rollerblades, high and low, and in all the wrong places.

Come and find me?...


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