Keep bad people away from your backyard!

 How to live a drama-free life: 

Let me keep it simple...

Don`t let bad, mean spirited people, haters and nay-sayers invade your private space! It is very simple.

We don`t want no drama, do we? And I am NOT about the drama. I simply ain`t got time! This is the best way to keep a clean, positive vibe / energy in your life. Because if you don`t have this mentality, something bad is going to happen to you one day.

Cut off contact to people who are untrustworthy! Cut them off without warning! Don`t explain things, just do it! Avoid them! And avoid the drama! If you explain why, you just give the subject further attention, and then you are going to be faced with even MORE drama. In a situation you were not supposed to be in the first place. And listen, honey, YOU AIN`T GOT TIME! And time is precious. You know what you want and don`t want in your life. It was an error in your life and you can walk away from it. You were probably naive, got attacked or offended. It doesn`t matter what it was, life goes on. Don`t hold a grudge too long, just let it go. Because holding grudges is NOT going to get you to the top. And it is not going to let you be the best that you can be as a human being. Don`t give the negativity any attention NO MORE! Negative people and situations can and WILL suck the energy out of your tiny, little body.

Famous saying. I found this on Pinterest.

Keep it simple! Keep things simple and you don`t get no drama either. Don`t start a fight! If you should involuntarily get into a fight then walk away from the fight- knowing that you have the phone number to the police and a great lawyer. Always be prepared! There are mean people in this world. And bad things do happen to good people. Don`t give negative people any of your time!

- Unless they enter your backyard.

Be who you are and you will attract people who are just like you. Not the haters and the dramaqueens, but likeminded people.

Here I am walking away from drama.

IF I can do it,

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind. Simultaneously! ;-)

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