Norwegian bloggers stop blogging because they want to be "Influencers" instead. WTF? I had influenza once - I HATED IT! What`s wrong with society? Okay...that was a joke. But WHY would f.ex a blogger stop blogging and just be an influencer on Instagram? "Didn`t really enjoy to blog! Don`t know how to write, basically, it`s what they`re saying by doing that. Don`t really have a passion for writing. Just have a passion for showing their ASS on camera! You know it`s the TRUTH! No matter how many dubble clicks you do on their profile. Simultaneously - with the other 100.000 ignorant idiots who click to watch the ass. (Butt, whatever you want to call it! I really don`t have time to be political correct or correct myself with this LOW internet speed.) "I have to watch this person`s personal life with the sponsored Nelly-outfits because OBVIOUSLY they shop there, right? And I am so weak that I want to copy them!" NO! they want you to click on the affiliate link HERE, here and HEEEEERE! To stop blogging to become an Instagram-model is to sink lower - not to aim higher. You can never underestimate writing. It has lasted before mankind invented ink. 

I LOVE blogging! Writing is a passion of mine!

Thoughts in the middle of the blog post:  Do I even have time to post this before midnight? 😵 *typing like crazy before something happens! Pressing the "save post-button"*.

Alright, let`s continue!...I am not angry or anything, I am just not very ignorant. Huge difference! Do I wish that I had a great body / or life to show off on camera for the world to see (on Instagram)? No.
Instagram. An instant dose of 1 gram cocain would be the perfect description of the platform. Because that is what happens! And I have coffee to feel that way. Then I type like a crazy maniac on my keyboard. I write long blog posts and I can`t even stop. Plus; I never got drawn into that world in the first place. It is just not me. Maybe I wanted to try some modeling in my early twenties. That was WAY BEFORE social media was invented. But I looked crazy, though. I have only one option; to look crazy.
Most girls had long blond hair at that time. I didn`t care. My hair was like a bird nest. Like a crow had just landed on the top of my head and layed a couple of eggs. I even had the strong belief that I was the next "big thing", with this look. But this business could not do anything for me personally. I am a creater and I am not interested in being created by others. So, I decided to just leave before I even started. I just loved doing live shows on facebook a few years ago. My thing is to entertain - not to show off bodies..I mean body-parts... (Sounds bad, I know. "Mali got bodies buried in her back-yard!" Okay, that was a joke. 😱) 

Looking up "influencer". Wikipedia didn`t have an English version of the Norwegian word "Influenser", but here`s something similar...
Photo: influencermarketinghub.com

"Knowledge" is something many of the influencers LACK to be honest. Except knowledge about exercising to shape the butt, ass...whatever you`d  like to call the thing that is sticking out below your back. To most of us it is not sticking out but hanging down in a "pregnant cow position" (Stole the words from Yoga! YOGA, though...yepp! Yoga IS a valid influencer-topic that I can appreciate.
But I do not consider yogis and life coaches "Influencers" because they actually most likey have a ...BLOG!  - which the Norwegian bloggers are trying to escape from. "No, blogging is a thing of the past!" No. YOU are going to be a thing of the past pretty soon. People want to read. It has always been that way and it will continue for eons. Deleting your blog or this (self)-cancel - culture that is going on right now is just stupid. "Because people stop blogging then I have to stop too!" You are only cancelling yourself by doing this. When people stop blogging it is a great opportunity for others to start blogging. Like YOU! So, start a blog today! Don`t go where the wind takes them, start you own storm! I have come to realize that everything works backwards. That is one of the many secret of life.

 "Relationship with their audience". They do develop a weird relationship with their audiences. "You have a great butt! Want to see mine? click click click! Visit my profile!" This is not something that I would aim for. I have the "sitting on the office chair" butt right now (MAYBE that is why I am obsessed with the word "butt" in this blog post.) They can inspire people, though. (The "influencers") I do agree to some point. Some of the points that they are making...like; "This is what I eat in a day" (Posting a Vegan meal to inspire others to do the same) Sorry, I can`t help myself. Was going to write something that an influencer may type in - in a desperate attempt to inspire others but... I just don`t see how being an "influencer" is something to be proud of or ever being taken serious as...if you get my drift. WHO CARES what you eat? I`d rather NOT KNOW! So my point is; I would NEVER want to call myself an influencer. To me it sounds unprofessional and just ...weird. I know that I am waaaay weirder than most (my weirdness is just on another level, and I`m well aware of it) so why would I call things that other people are doing "weird". Or "Look at that freaking weirdo!" Lol, I never do that! 😂 #irony. I actually do, though, but I laugh WITH people. This boy loves ice cream. He will look back on this episode when he gets older and say;"OMG! I was SO AWESOME!"


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