Recent videos (One about Windows)

I started to write this post early on Friday without any new videos yet. But late on Friday evening after it got dark outside and other people (Not me) are out partying or experiencing a typical Friday (kind of wasting their time, but I guess they need that after a boring 9-5 kind of job) I devoted my precious freetime to making videos, like I ALWAYS do. 

So, this is how I originally started this post...

It`s the weekend and it`s time to have fun. It is actually weekend almost every day in my life. I am not sure if it`s weekend or if I`m just unemployed. (Mali, that was a clever thing to say! Irony. You know you have valid and good reason for your situation.) I hope these videos strike a chord with you, my fans (I have...3. Two friends..and my mom. Maybe not the best thing to say either. You know what? To h*ll with what you should and shouldn`t say!😂 This is MY blog and I freaking do whatever I want!)

And here`s a question that I`ve gotten from time to time: "Why do you make these videos, Mali?" I want you to hate me.  I want you to hatewatch all of my videos and share them with your friends with the message "What the h*ll is wrong with this person?" Or "This is one weird person!" Both of these examples work well for me. Because it drives traffic to my blog.

But obviously I shouldn`t say that in case my mother is reading this. We are an average family after all. She`s really TRYING! To make me average. But I think she`s losing her grip on me. Finally. I am now 41? I have to ask.😂 So, she`s calling me once in a while. That`s an understatement! But fortunately for me her passion for knitting woolen socks has really taken off. Knitting like crazy. Like 50 socks that she`s collecting. Either she`s throwing them behind the coach or she`s delivering them to The Salvation Army. I mean, somebody should wear them!

I have an OBSESSION about not liking Windows, even though I use it. So, here`s a video about that...

And here`s another video just to set the mood. Weekend vibes. Sunday vibes...

Even a Sunday should be a happy day.  Not a day when you are anxious about tomorrow. To me every day is a happy day because Monday will be the same for me like the rest of the week.😂

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