Never listen to the haters! / Recent videos

Wecome back to my creative corner. I am going to label this post as "vlog" even though I have not actually tried to vlog recently. I am not really into following instructions, and a vlog should be about a day in your life. And I usually just "boom POW!" And that was that. And nobody understood anything. So, for that reason I will never become your typical vlogger. Your Casey Neistat 2. 

Video proof right here:

And this video I made yesterday just to get into the rhythm of making videos again...

And before I say "goodbye my fans" for now, please remember!:

Goodbye my WONDERFUL FANS all over the world!💙

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks!👍


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