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I started to write on this post last month. So, this is a delayed post. I keep drafts in my archive. But you should SEE my music production archive. And sometimes a draft is a draft for a reason. Maybe it is a piece of shit? This is how I started the post while it was still go - time: Wassup? It`s me Mali here!
But I wish I was more like; "Please make yourself at home. Here`s your cup of tea, dear. The curtains are not from the Salvation Army. I picked these flowers myself. Yes, the pattern on my sofa is the same as Marie Antoinette`s floral patterned sofa". But this behavior is very unnatural to me. We Norwegians don`t even say "hi" AND we throw ourselves in the bushes when we see our neigbour. Yes, I DO speak for all of us.

Making some music again after a LONG break. After deciding to just relax and invite the coffee drinking addiction again into my life. But I wasn`t able to sing due to a bad cough last month. I am starting to get better. Not coughing as much now. The garlic shots really saved me. Cut garlic and drink it like a shot (A small cup with water mixed with garlic) and BOOM SHAKALAKA! You feel better! 😂

I am not kidding. Here is a garlic shot a few years ago. I`ve been doing this for years.

I NEVER stay away from music for too long. So, as soon as I can, I RUN BACK to my music editing software. Which right now is one of the latest versions of Mixcraft. Which is a pretty good software if you`re using a Windows PC. It has a built in library with LOTS of beats, drums, instruments, free loops and effects. I have used it for years. NO, it is NOT just like Fruityloops! Not even close! Don`t you even try it!😠

(PS! I have to edit this part. Recently this software has really started to cry for help. Nothing works! It just wants to make my vocals sound like a dying dinosaur. ("Mali, maybe you should take this as a sign?") No, that is NOT my voice! It wants me to use a golfclub on it. #internal humor that I will not explain)

I would normally work with Logic Pro by Apple. But I do not have my stationary Mac machine here. SAD as h*ll, but I do not sit here and cry over it. I can never take it on the plane with me (to the South of France!) so I have to work with what I`ve got. Life goes on and ROCK`N `ROLL! 😂
BUT Windows computer rage does happen! I thought I was rocking, but then the blue screens of death wanted to join in with the rest of the music, the beats and drums. It`s like your brain explodes, and instead of rock and roll, I threw myself on the floor and rolled myself inside the carpet. Like a burito.
At least that is the scenario going on inside my mind, and will be my next move IF an Apple store doesn`t open where I live. LIE! But in my case it is better to PRETEND there is no Apple store.
With a MAC I know exactly how I want it to sound. Not the glitch sounds from all the Windows viruses...even though that is a cool sound and very futuristic, I am not into malware threats. No, I would love to make goth-disco, like from the 80`s / mixed with som modern stuff only I can come up with. Some synthesizer crap / real chaos. Painfully bad / good? The goth part comes in when you kinda have to dig a grave for yourself because what you`ve made is so freaking aweful. It is the crap going on inside of my mind coming to fruition. It is not finished yet, though. And never will. That has always been my favorite sentence. But this time I am going to finish SOMETHING. It is important to finish something. To be a "closer". A closer of a project.

Inspired by heavy rock bands 

Like the sh*t they played in the 80`s. I grew up with an older brother. A real metal head, lots of posters on the walls of Deep Purple and those old heavy rock bands - HATED it at the time, but now I understand what was going on. (He also had the KISS - posters. That was worse! I was scared.) He is to all kinds of genres (STILL! Still into these bands TRUST ME! When I am in Norway I hear the music through his open windows!) But as a little girl I did NOT appreciate the sound. It still made me who I am today. Ironically. I am into almost every genre. But I do like the heavy metal rock sound now. (Does not have to be metal, though.)


I just found a photo that I made from my archive. For no reason. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍

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