People do NOT care!

People are busy with their own lives. They are busy worrying about if they screw up and that`s why they don`t have time to even give you a little tiny thought to find out if you screwed up or not. They are busy with paying bills, figuring out how NOT the pay the bills, looking up going off grid on YouTube, cooking food. What`s the best air fryer on the market? Gotta fry up some chicken so that I get even fatter this year. Yeaaah! I had no idea what to cook today, by the way - until I decided to use the last pasta. Mix the Tagliatelle with the Spagetti, throw in some Pesto sauce (the cheapest brand!) throw in butter, then some milk and call it pasta Pesto because it looked alien-green. It tasted like out of this world. But yummy!

 All of this time I was unfortunately not busy even remebering you, so why the h*ll should average people remember me? Perhaps they sat on the toilet like I did a few months ago because I got the stumack flu. (I`ll NEVER forget that!) Who knows? Most importantly; who cares? We are the superbusy androids programmed to mind our own businesses. Me, me, me. You stay over there! My country, your country. Wining about being busy ("Oh, how important everything is!") And how work went...and let`s NOT forget how things are going on with the kiddos. And always  driving somewhere."Stuck in traffic again!" Well, I solved this issue early on by not getting a driver`s licence. Very smart indeed! But I was too scared to drive. That was the main reason. I tried to drive but felt that the car was TOO BIG and I lost control with an uncontrollable "muscle" that wasn`t mine, outside of my body. 

By the way; I actually wonder how it would feel to be stuck in traffic while getting something called ...diarrhea? My humor is SO stupid, I know!😂But please tell me in the message section below if this is something that you`ve experienced...

Most people have at least one obsession with a series on TV or a video game. But not with you. (My stalker has an obsession with me. But the stalker doesn`t count here. Actually; I started to experience that the person became less of a stalker as soon as I completely forgot about the person.) Trust me, you don`t cross their minds. 

Even me as a blogger. Always yelling out there "READ my freaking blog posts you morons!" They have NO REASON to and they will not waste their precious TIME clicking on my useless blog posts. Trust me! 


This is a good thing because it actually frees you from all the pressure. Now you can go on an do exactly what you want. Nobody really cares anyway. Even if you are hugely successful. And your face is on every front page of the news for whatever reason. 

That`s why I encourage you today to be yourself 100%. 

I am trying too, no matter what people say. And it feels like a struggle sometimes. But without a struggle life is not interesting or fun. What do people who get everything they want on a silver platter learn? Nothing. No more obstacles to work through, just laying there in the bathtub (Bad example! That`s what we all want after a rough day!)

Go live your life and don`t care what people think! Because most of them don`t care. And not a lot of people think either. This 9-5 kind of "thing" isn`t really thinking out of the box. "I had a stable 9-5 and the rest was history". Didn`t really make history, did they? They were just sitting there in front of a computer screen looking at numbers. Not realizing they were just a number as well. Like a number in the crowd of sheep. There were many doors to choose from but some reason they all just chose to exit the same door. Where the owner was waiting for them. And you know how this story ended. They went to the slaughterhouse. Just something to think about. 

And that`s why we have to become VEGAN! #joke #irony #puke, I don`t think people CARE about your veganism? You certainly aren`t doing it for yourself. I tried to be vegan. Five worst seconds of my life.

Thanks for reading. 

- Mali is serving you realness, being brutally honest, in a world of illusion and lies .👍

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