Don`t care what people think!

I was never accepted in the area where I grew up for being creative. Rural area, by the way! Not accepted for being who I am, basically! Avant-garde - art (which I feel that I could be categorized as, although I hate categories) is not really acceptable on the freaking countryside.😂 Great place to be. GREAT nature! Many fields and trees where you can hide, which I did do. That`s where I got all my ideas.

Even though many of my family members are/were really creative people they didn`t really practise or talk about art at home. So I didn`t fit in for that reason. I dislike victimizing myself, so I am not going to do that. That`s not me at all. Because I really don`t give sh*t what people think. And if people don`t appreciate whatever I am doing, then get out! The door is over there! Life is too short for the haters and the naysayers.

But the thing is; to stop people from bothering you and calling you on the telephone on a Sunday just before lunch, you have to change up things a little bit. NEVER STOP doing what you`re doing, but do it a little different from now on. So, I am figuring out a STYLE and a concept that will make everybody happy. A new formula. Something that elderly women with their knitting tools can still enjoy watching. And say to themselves; "I have no idea why she`s running around in her leopard boots holding a cactus, that she threw in the air and it landed somewhere far away....I wonder what`s going on here? She is probably making a fashion statement" (That was just an example. I`ve never made a video like that.) You know, elderly people they don`t understand avant-garde and The Met Galla and the New York or Paris fashion week. 

But the sad thing for me is; leopard is really not that HOT right now.😒

Disappointed by my own realization I slowly but surely try to change my own mindset. Maybe I should try out some new looks? 


It is sad that I don`t have a photo wearing leopard right now. By the way, I DO have one...

Be who you are and don`t care what people think! 

Here are my recent unpublic videos from The Mali Show on YouTube. Right now I would like to describe it as the "sh*t show". And more serious and decent content will be created for this channel soon. That is my next project and goal. Because this is way to weird even for me...

Welcome to The Sh*t Show!🫣

It is okay that something is weird, but it also has to be WELL produced which I do not consider this to be. (The videos above!) Very lo-fi. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍 your photo name

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