Find Mali everywhere! No, I`m NOT in MALI!

Hi, and welcome back! Find Mali EVERYWHERE! What is going on with her? Well...

I am on many blogs and even a website (Google sites do count! 😂 Actually NOT. but anyways...) I am updating my online presence. Now, isn`t that cool AND life changing? 

Okay, okay I get ya!😂

What has Mali from Bali been up to lately:

  1. Updated a google site about myself (Who else?) one hour ago! Idol Mali - Photos
  2. Wrote one more blog post on two different Wordpress-blogs last night. Like you really care!😂
  3. I love lists. I should continue! Okay, I`m just kidding!😂
My other blog(s) and Where can you find me? like that is something interesting that people should care about. NOT! But I am NOT ON TIKTOK! Not anymore. That would be a DISASTER! Thank GOOOD I realized that! I am not against TikTok, but it is not for me. (Not right now anyway. I have my personal reasons too. I had an annoying stalker!)

Put your self out there, people say! Stand out, they say! Well, I am standing outside. That is why I am outstanding. I also understand, innerstand and overstand if you want to know the truth.

The title says "Find Mali everywhere! No, I`m NOT in MALI!". And I DO NOT have a one-way-ticket to Bali either. And for that reason I decided many years ago, to create my own universe. 

Just got free tickets to Woodstock. Janis Joplin is the one I that am going to see. Happy in the "70`s" where I belong. 

Where I am happy all the time. No negativity! I know I screamed "find me, find me!" That was just a joke. (Actually I am dead serious!😐 #irony) But none of  the sh*t that I previously wrote MATTERS. It is what you bring to the table in this world that really matters. But you got to choose the right table. Be who you are with other words. Don`t sit around your table with fake people, even if they call themselves your "friends". Not even if it`s for a free lunch. It`s a crappy deal. Don`t do it just for some toys and a happy meal. Just like Kanye said. If they are not supporting who you are, your future plans and dreams, they are a distraction. 

I gotta be honest with you;  I did`t really have a topic to write about today, so it is what it is. I just wanted to write anyway. When I start typing I become a machine. So I always end up with SOMETHING. 

This is how I came up with this sh*t. Gif:

Whenever I start typing just sh*t (that`s always how it starts, almost every time) it always ends up motivationally. Like "You can do it!" and "Be yourself!" And that`s why I have a category on this blog called You can do it! I can`t help but being myself. It is very difficult to fit in and follow the sheep crowd in this society. Because following my passions instead of following the rat race; the money chasing rase, is a very difficult challenge. But I could never go down that route. I tried for a few years, like everybody else does. But I got burnt out just from trying. Because when something is so WRONG you can not force it to become right. 

Become SURE of what you want! Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? And never give up until you see it manifesting. You do not have to see the immediet results this week. Not even in 3 months. Or a year. But you take the right step in the right direction until it unfolds. You will start to see small changes that lead up to the BIG changes. And things can take a fast turn. But not always in a positive way. I have experienced this myself. I really got into trading stocks all of a sudden. Like BOOM! Out of the blue I came over a story about a guy who trades stocks and haven`t had a real job since 2007. I immediately felt a connection to this topic. For some reason 😂 So I started to read about the topic. It was like my whole world had opened up for me. Gonna get that dow now! 💰 I`m just gonna sit on my ass like a nobody and laugh my way to the bank...but mostly cry...because...

It was boring. It was NOT ME! Sometimes an unexpected change happens just to test you. And boy was I tested.

I wanted to trade stocks

(How the h*ll did I manage to add a title right here? But there`s no rules in my universe that you have to care about.)

It was so boring that it took all of my energy away from being myself 100%, Blogging, making videos and being creative. Ain`t nothing artsy ot creative about trading stocks, honey. Oh no! 😂 Heard about daytrading? You watch the trend in the stockmarket and then decide if you`re going to buy or sell by measuring how high or low the candlesticks are. In what direction they`re going. If the trend a bullish or a bearish one. Is it going upwards or downwards? And that`s how you waste your precious time. All I know is that I spiraled down the rabbit hole. All the numbers! It`s like all the Matrix numbers are trying to bomb your freaking brains out. It made me remember math class. I went down memory lane like a down trending bearish ROCKET. NASA would not be proud of the sight. It also made me remember the time in my past when I studied law. Because this should be illegal! Hours upon hours with a head buried in a book when all you wanted was to yell "I don`t give a sh*t about this book. I just want to learn about the right of inheritance!" It was just illegally boring. Actually trading stocks is a lot more fun. That says a lot about my passion for the law, right? In the meanwhie I am happy to see the stock market crashing before my eyes. Without me having to be a part of it.

But like with everything else in life I have to say; Never say never! It IS an interesting topic. (Nerdy like I am!) But also a risky one. But I am all for contrasts in life. A real balance.  A balance between everything that you are interested in. And I am interested in a lot of things. And my interests are very much in contrast with eachother. And in contrast with what my mom wished that I would have become. Don`t we all go through that stage at some point in life? But I am on the right path she says...10 kg lighter is a good start. It`s good to have a variety of interests. But don`t let one interest take OVER! 

Love yourself first! 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍
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