Your story is not over!👍

Even though you feel and EVEN LOOK confused. And worried! Like the hot mess of a person in the photo above! "Who the h*ll is that?" 😂 Your story is NOT over!

Just let go. Surrender to whatever is going on and go on with your life. Things will change. Next year is not going to be the same as this year. Actually, tomorrow is not going to be the same as today. Just like what happened to the person above. A few years ago she sat at home in her one bed apartment, singing karaoke and going live on Facebook. Trying to make youtube videos and songs, and she believed she was going to become a "one hit wonder"! It didn`t happen! Instead reality hit her in the face. And she moved to Southern France where they make WAY too many croissants, WAY too much white bread. She got fat and LAZY and started to film herself in the basement. Running around singing about walking with the garbage in lepard outfits. Don`t ask! Even SHE doesn`t understand. 

Video that this previously fu**ed up person made (partly) in the basement (She will make more!😄):

I really thought...I mean SHE really thought that she was a winner that day. In her case; the winner of the biggest nerd ever - category. 
A feeling you should feel every single day.🏆

When things got tough in her life she didn`t give up. She STILL believed! She knew This Too Shall Pass - famously said by Abraham Lincoln.

Things always change. Your story (A story that you don`t have to be anymore if you don`t like what you`ve done so far) is not over yet. And you can always change your story. Your story should be a cool, interesting and unique one. A story that people like ME...I mean this weird person above...could learn from.😉 In the meanwhile she is working on her story so that she can inspire you as well. And she is me. But you already knew that.

Be the BEST version of yourself! I am trying too. It`s important to try. And it`s NEVER too late. Because...what do we say on this blog?...

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks!👍
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