I used to paint...

So, what to blog about today? I saw a friend painting something beautiful. And it reminded me of my own attempts in the past...well...I do not LOVE painting. I have to admit. But I wanted to create art for my own apartment at the time. And I just don`t buy art, if you know what I mean? By other people. Not if I can paint myself. It sounds selfish? I don`t know how it sounds, but I feel energy. So yeah...It feels wrong. I can`t have a photo of an unknown person on a pillow or a cup of coffee as "art" either. So, if I made it myself I would feel comfortable in my own home. BUT! I almost never paint. I know how to, ("How". What the bleep do we know? But I kinda feel that I could know this, you know what I`m sayin?) which stems from me being a natural visual artist. You know what I`m sayin? πŸ˜‚*Bragging!* 😎 Not going to brag but...it is what it is. I am a very lazy one, if that tones down the ego a little bit here. My EGO is HUGE! Anyways; I truly, honestly am a loser in regards to even trying to master my own abilites and gifts. We all have them. But what are you going to do about it? And when? But in 2024...

"Okay, Shut up Mali! Shut up. Just don`t."....okay.

I get it. I don`t have new year`s resolutions. They don`t work anyway. Trust me, I know, because I have not tried. So they don`t work. 100% don`t work. But things are going better for me now. 

Going to sidetrack myself 100% 

Back in the day I used to sit on a chair and look at the collection of handbags getting out of control. It was really a hot mess. WHY the h*ll would anybody on this planet BUY a freaking expensive handbag? Or a tote..."Never full" tote by LV, WHY?  It`s never full anyway. (I actually don`t own one. Just wanted to make that clear.) I walk passed LV once in a while now. Not even ONCE do I stop. You kinda feel unwanted there. The security guard just automatically thinks you`re NOT a worthy LV owner and just starts to follow your every move. They even do this at Lidl here. Sometimes it`s like "Am I not even worth the bananas at Lidl?" By the way, I live in France. "Omg! Why didn`t you just start off by saying you live in France?" That is France in a nutshell. And no, you`re barely worth the bananas. In fact; the Lidl employers just want to go home. "No english!" *Thinking about leaving for the day. *Yells* "English anyone?" Everybody else there: "Non-non-non" French facial expression. Sticks out the lips and makes a sound. "Phuuu baaa...NON!" Like they indeed were born yesterday. I decided to just speak French in France from that day forward. And I have never experienced a similar episode again. Because you are actually making a SCENARIO for the whole shop to see. Believe me, they all turn their necks around to watch you not speaking French in the French grocery shop. 

But not everybody is like this. Rude to foreigners. Just wanted to make that clear. I was once almost stalked in the supermarket by a French lady as soon as I spoke English (Asking her about some product there.) Why? Well, she had a son in Australia. And just LOVED to practice her English. But in general I have not met many people interested in even trying to speak English. And in France they are not afraid of being direct and arrogant. (We, Norwegians are just arrogant but good at hiding it.) Okay, kind of a joke here. I think...πŸ˜• At least that`s what I`ve heard some foreigners say about us Norwegians. I do not see this at all, to be honest. We are overly helpful in situations like this. Some people almost to the point that they invite the foreigner home. Okay...let`s stop here!πŸ˜‚ Can be easily misunderstood.
Wow, I sidetracked myself OFF the topic, which was "I used to paint". YOU CAN do whatever you want on your own blog, though. And this is not only a blog. This is a universe! And I think this universe is starting to evolve to 5d! Oh, please! I should stick to painting myself, actually. I`m not going to go totally new age on you. I wouldn`t want anybody to go new age on me. Especially not that bald guy in the Norwegian news ALL the freaking TIME...was his name Durek? Hey, Norwegian media? How many more chances are you gonna give the dude? Leave him alone with his freakshow. It is NOT worth our time.πŸ˜‚ BUT If Martha started to express her beliefs to me (including Durek`s beliefs) I would be totally okay with it, because she would probably love the fact that I was inspired by her on The Norwegian Idol in 2006. I dressed up as a princess ready to meet my prince. So yes, we would hit it off and become BFF`s! No doubt! But maybe...just maybe we shouldn`t look through eachother`s eyes in the attempt to get rid of evil spirits. (Norwegian inside joke.)
Waiting for SOMETHING to happen! (The year of 2018) When the laziness took a toll on me. And the bags got uglier and uglier. Because I could  afford the cool ones in the beginning, but in the end...I desperately went to the thrift store owned by The Norwegian Salvation Army. (Fretex) And there was a limit to how cool they looked, you know. 

I painted on boobs that I don`t have. Have no idea why. Is that weird? 

I just painted layer on layer. Aune Sand told me to. (A cool Norwegian dude with a headscarf that has a brother that paints fabolous paintings, called VebjΓΈrn.). Met him inside his (brother`s and girlfrind`s) pop up art gallery once. Said he didn`t want to be on video jumping around like a rabbit. Which I respect. πŸ˜‚

GREAT color combo. Love green with gold. Gives me life. Like peacock feathers growing on your arms.

Started to freaking look like me and that scared me. The next thing is totally going to be that this photo starts to attack me in the middle of the night. 

Choking me and screaming "Why did you freaking PAINT ME?" Started to think "Maybe I`m TOO good at this sh*t!" Scary feeling indeed if Stephen King calls me.

The comfort zone is when it is still kinda playful. Young, innocent. I kinda want to go back to how I painted in kindergarden. But the heart on the left side is going to attack me? Another attack? WHY? I guess this is my art. Sorry if you didn`t like it. 

Beautiful self-portrait of me right here!πŸ˜‚

Have a wonderful 2024 by the way! And remember to return to my blog. I will post more!...


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