Everything will be OKAY✌

Just let go of the fear of things not turning out the way you want it to! Because everything will be OKAY.

I don`t have a glory on the top of my head for no reason. And the same with you! You are WORTHY of a perfect life. "Dream up a WONDERFUL life!" Jim Carrey said this in an university speech, one of his best speeches. 

I am not going to go new age on you. I hate the new age stuff. I just use Tarot cards and they LIE to me every other day. People have gotten married, become pregnant, had an affair with the neighbor, traveled overseas and to Narnia according to my cards...but anyways...

Stop! You shouldn`t listen to my advice, just saying...but here goes nothing! But I actually have experienced that this one works. 

Invite the depression into your life. Say "Hi, how are you? Why are you here? What do you want from me?" I am sure it answers back to you "You`re a loser that I have decided to bother for the past 20+ years" Well, thank you for that! I am greatful you were here, but today I am letting you go.

Let it go and say to yourself; "I am a star in my own right. I am not the janitor of this school."
(No offence to janitors.)

Jim`s father was a janitor. He was actually a great comedian but never trusted his own ability to succeed. He regretted this decision deeply as he watched his own son, Jim, throw himself down the stairs at their family home. "Was that funny or what?" His father answered back: "Now you`re going to do it again in slow motion!" The dream never vanishes. It just appears over and over again through other people, so you better start doing something about it. Because you are going to witness somebody else living that dream instead of you. 

I have started to embrace my negative feelings. And now I almost never have them. I first heard about this through The Secret, another crazy book. That makes you go crazy, trust me. You are going to imagine stuff that have not happened YET! Which will most likely never happen because you actually go crazy way before you manifest. So you are going to gamble with your sanity. 

I have to admit that I do believe in that book to a certain degree. Even though it is a struggle to actually try to chase these dreams. Especially if your main goal is to walk the red carpet at the Oscar`s. Okay Mali, STOP IT! 😂

Whenever I was insecure I just moved forward. I kept going. I looked back a lot...until I was fed up by looking back. (I ALWAYS LOOKED BACK!) I believe a lot of people do. But I said to myself  "To h*ll with the past! To h*ll with the circumstances and situations that are not serving my own good". I didn`t actually let go of anything back then. I ran away from something instead. I don`t believe in running away. But you`ll see a person with pink sneakers running away. Perhaps you`ll see lepard leggings. Have you ever seen a ponytale on the side? Like from the 80`s? I`ve always revisited this moment of my past. And I`ve used it over and over again in my video "art form". Like an escape? 

Because people tend to to things they don`t believe in. Just because they "have to".
Because that is all they think they have. When in reality they have a lot more to offer.

Hiding from the world. Not being myself. Not really. Not yet. Waiting. Waiting in vain.

But I eventually realized that waiting in vain was unbearable. I wasn`t capable of waiting anymore;
I had to run back home and watch the last season of Stranger Things. Even though I had binge watched the first four seasons on a weekend. I said to myself "Everything will be okay! I have a high speed internet connection now. Finally." #irony (I just watched the movie Leave The World Behind.)

I am not joking when I say that the best phrase that I have used in my own situation is "Everything will be okay!" It IS the truth. Because everything you have experienced has lined up to this point in your life. So, without the experiences you would not have become as strong as you are now. It has all led up to this moment. And like my idol Jim Carey once said: "Every moment is pregnant with the next".

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍 your photo name

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