I tried out TikTok but I deleted it!

 A freaking rant about social media: 

Sometimes you just need that one welcoming photo, so I took a few photos of myself  a few months ago. I was a little fatter (My mom is still reminding me on every video call!) the hair a littler greasier, the coffee cups a little bigger. And I embrace my past. Now I am a tørrlagt tørrkaffe drikker. I don`t drink anymore tørrkaffe. This part you English speakers can skip. For Norway only. You see, I am a huge star!

WHY did you do that? Delete TikTok! We love it!

I had a stalker that just bombarded my videos and my inbox with messages (I know who this person is!)
The problem with TikTok is that you can`t really control the messages. So it led me to deleting the application. Problem number 2 is that TikTok is TOO addictive. I already had plans to stop making videos there. But instead of just taking a break I just deleted it last night. I also changed the commenting system here om my blog to Disqus so that the same person does not write me here either. 
Blogger (formerly called "Blogspot") does NOT have a safe commenting system. This is something they (Google) should do something about. 

But anyways; I ain`t got time for blah blah blah or TikTok...my time is TICKING! 😂 Although I am 41 going on 14, but hey...

I got BETTER things to do like shake my head in homemade music videos! Music video can be found here; Hot Bitch! Do NOT get your hopes up!😂

Do you also not like TikTok? Why the filters? But the worse thing is the pimple popping stuff. WHY do people do that sh*t? I feel like that is the new low, as low as you can sink nowadays. You find it on Instagram too but Instagram is way more controlled. You don`t get so annoyed by the app. But I realized early on, after the first few days, that TikTok was not going to be a thing for me. It`s the worse time stealer I`ve experienced ever since that Norwegian TV program "Svalbard minute by minute". You just watch a ship on the ocean, minute by minute. Nothing ever happens and you still sit there. 

New great idea! I`m gonna become a TWITCHER instead...YEAH! I`m gonna send live, like 10 hours, and not turn my camera off. I`m gonna like have extra chargers to my phone and go totally crazy. The worse thing now is that some people actually do believe me. 

I actually do have a Twitch account.

Will I ever start? But the thing is; it is mostly for gamers anyway. But more and more vloggers have started over there. Live-vloggers. Nothing feels weirder and more super awkward on social media than being live, though. I love that challenge! But you can go live on YouTube also. And Facebook. I have ONLY tried it on Facebook live. I dunno...

It was before I got a life.

I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again; Don`t get too high hopes! I didn`t have high hopes back then. I just existed and this is the only way I know how to exist. Eventually I found back to the real me, where hopes are high and miracles do happen.😇
They happen when we go LIVE! Be yourself and go live! Show the world the artwork that you truly are without all the editing. The editing is so...last year. And the year before that. Be an example! Be the person YOU would like to MEET! Not saying this just because it is a quote somewhere. "Mali saw a quote, watched a spiritual leader and now she is a knows-it-all!" But nothing matters and you can never fully understand what the quotes mean until you bough the t-shirt and wore it while you sat in hell, in a pit of fire, but actually laughed, because that`s what we do when we`re good at hiding something. That "something" is your personality. I`m glad I found mine. So, laugh all you want at my videos and whatever I am doing. I am more than well aware that this is why I am here. 

So, BUY my BOOK "Mali`s Christmas Secrets". Available on Amaz...I mean available somewhere under a healthy tree in the AMAZON-AS! You go and DIG! Oh no, you didn`t find a healthy tree in the Amazonas, you said. You think I write books now? Got videos to make. Got people to inspire. I see my neighbor needs inspiration. You gotta start somewhere! Her dog looks more like her than she looks like her. 

Mukbang Live on Facebook (Veggie version!)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍 

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