My old Christmas special in Norwegian...

Here I am at a French cafe. Photos taken from a video in the end of this blog post.
And here is my old christmas special in Norwegian..."Du sej nå my rart å du ja Mali". Sykt så det holder. "Det er DIN feil at du sitt å sjer på !" Men det er faktisk sant, så du trenger ikke å se på dette sjuke "opplegget". Jeg vet ikke hva jeg skal kalle det engang...bare noe sjukt noe 😂
 Here is the full episode list. 🠉 Because you are desperate enough to watch this!😂

This was old stuff from a few years ago. 5 years ago! I really didn`t care at all back then. I still don`t but...I do things a little differently now...I kind of don`t, but 😉...things have changed a little bit since then.

Here is my recent YouTube video. I haven`t really changed a lot, though (More singing and being silly!) I guess once crazy, always crazy and there`s nothing you can do about it. It is going to be my "vlog theme song":

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