HUGE headlines? No thanks / The bob

HI FANS! I am just inspired by the Norwegian front page news 📰 today!📢
Hope that`s okay?

Omg! NO! But I just wanted to try this huge font. It doesn`t really work. The news magazines want to get attention this way. And I don`t want attention. #irony 

Obviously, I want to get as much attention as possible with my blog posts and videos. Because WHY would I blog in the first place? To hide under a rock? NO! I obviously want to show the world who I am. My proof of existence in this universe. But I am not willing to go CRAZY like many celebrities out there. Crazy and without any substance. NO! As much as I would like to scream

I don`t. I could have accepted a few opportunites in the past but I said "No". Because it wasn`t ME! I am my own boss. So, it would work out pretty bad for me. Because I set the standards and I make the rules. 🌠 IN MY UNIVERSE! 🌍 Yes, I know we are many people in this universe. I am not the only one here, but I create my own reality. We all create our own realities. I choose to be happy, positive and creative. I don`t choose to be sad, negative and uncreative. 

Being creative and weird at the same time.

I choose to smile with a natural haircut that they ALL WANT NOW! The BOB! Right?

RIGHT? The BOB, right? Looking HOT!💥WOW!🤯

Uggh! No! I am really not into this kind of news. It is for the desperate and less educated. I am not saying I am educated, though. But you get my point, right? (The less intelligent? Was that better?) 

I knew this many years ago. The secret. That the bob is a winner! (The haircut!) I was never interested in following the trends. I still don`t follow the trends. Trends are here to be broken, just like rules are! I choose to use retro VHS filters on my videos to create an old 80`s look. That is actually getting more and more trendy to my own confusion. YouTubers are using these effects more and more. NOOO! But I believe life was better in the 80`s. (I was born in the 80`s so obviously that`s why things started to shift for the better! 😂) I am only kidding! I would never call myself "HOT"! I was mimicking the Norwegian newspapers. Because they are really into "HOT" and "SEX" and words like these. The "wow"- factor. And I am not into that at all. (Besides to rank myself higher in Google!) I am just into making quality creative content.😂 Which only the few and far between are able to do, working for the Norwegian newspapers. They only argue right now. They are making a mess and they know it. I think the most popular journalist in the game should create his own documentary website. And create his OWN content.👍You are a great journalist Tore Strømøy, that`s why I made a song about you in pure TRØNDERSK that only the few and far between know. Enjoy this fabolous song: Tore tar feil!

 PHOTO TAIM! Because you didn`t ask...

I chose this photo today because of the haircut. The bob. I am rocking the bob here. But I kind of hate this photo. So not me! Like I am killing my own character. 23 years old, trying to be a "model"? For the first and last time! Just for the attention and to make headlines. In the end it wasn`t me. I quickly realised that. At least it has that 80`s kind of vibe that I love. So, why did I publish it? (There`s really nothing wrong with this photo, but it is really not ME!) Just to use myself as an example again like I always am, that this kind of news is fake. To me! (Or to everybody else. But at least I am not body shaming myself here, that`s a good thing! I look cute👍And I never regret anything.) But it`s almost like Donald Trump`s fake news. I can`t even say his name (Uggh! I am very sensitive!) and I get the same feeling (Uggh!) whenever I look at these kinds of photos of myself too. And EVERYBODY ELSE`S! Hey! I am tired of your halfnaked asses / fake news all the time on your front pages! NOT INTERESTED! Who the h*ll are interested? I guess only old men (Sugardaddies!) like Donald himself.

I am so glad I found the love of the old VHS tapes.

The EFFECTS! EFFECTTTS! I use them creatively! JESES! 😕😂


#irony (I think you already understand that!)

I am SO MUCH MORE comfortable here! ⇧ The hippie, native American style is really my thing. The Hopi indians knew what`s coming. Interesting tribe. They just looked up in the sky. A new earth is coming! A new universe. 

But I need no new universe. PLEASE! Not when you are in one.

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