You are not your story

I am a very talented model and photographer πŸ˜‚ Have no idea why Vogue refuses to call me.😒

"You are not your story" is today`s headline on my blog. "Well...that`s not true. Because everything you experienced became the person you are today." Yes, but you can change this belief system. You can go from being a victim (Victimizing yourself) to becoming a winner.πŸ†Whatever you have experienced in you life is not going to destermine who you are FOREVER. Yes, it will determine who you are for a moment in time. But not forever. That has to stop if that`s the case!

"Oh Mali! Stop pretending to be this life coach without having an actual education in the field!"πŸ˜‚ I totally understand what you`re going through right now. You might even get this cringy feeling, like "She doesn`t know these things. She never studied these topics"πŸ™ˆ. You`re right! I never did! Who cares? (I was just using myself as an example. So that I don`t have to make fun of other people.)

My BEST photo EVER! It`s SO GREAT that I had to credit it ""πŸ˜‰.  #irony

Be careful of judging people just because of their lack of hours listening to a boring teacher, who doesn`t have a more advanced intelligence than the rest of us. And who didn`t change the world any more than, let`s say...YOU can! I just want to remind you that Steve Jobs dropped out of college. I am NOT saying that YOU shouldn`t get an education. That`s not my point. The point is; you are not your story. IF you struggled in your past you still have an important voice in society. Maybe you`re selftaught at something. Your personal and practical experiences in life are way more important than sitting on a chair for hours listening to someone who does not understand YOUR story. Most people can at least list one reason that made them struggle with their own story. No-one is perfect. Perfectionism doesn`t exist.

If I should ever be invited to an event perfectionism would be the last thing I would think about. I would be too busy making headlines. Stories. Even though I am not my story. But the desperate performance artist in me still says "Yes, tell me what I am!" It`s up to you how you want to rate my art. If I was a famous artist I would prefer if I was BADLY rated because that actually makes the front page. Just like some of the stories that we`ve heard about recently.πŸ˜‚

 Don`t quit realizing your dreams! Be yourself! 


Yes, it IS super, crazy easy! Good luck! If I can do it...what do we say here, fans? That`s right, my fans; you can do it! *All in choir at the same time!* WE CAN DO IT! πŸ˜‚ (Just a little joke again here.)

Until the next time we "meet"; 


Yes, the best songs are created wearing a wig! πŸ’–

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