Blogging: WHY don`t you own a blog? πŸ˜•

This is going to be about blogging. I struggle from time to time with my two blogs. But now they`re just two. I had one more. But my mind couldn`t handle too many blogs. I had to stop throwing tea parties for my wonderful neighbors. 

If you only believed me.

I am just going to be very quick tonight and just say that I could NOT edit the header design in html no matter how much I tried in the old blog template. So, what does that mean? Well, I now am using the same design as The Mali Show, my other blog. Now, isn`t that interesting and an important thing to tell you?...It changes the world, doesn`t it? NOT. But I just wanted to come here and tell you this. For no reason at all. Because I see that everybody else does things and posts things for no reason at all, too.
(And believe me you, you are boring!)

Oh, the mess I`ve made. I have gone back and forth on these templates tonight. NOTHING worked! Only this one works. This template is by far the BEST one I`ve tried.πŸ‘It is awesome!

Blogging is hard! is another blog post from the past. You can check out that one.

I know so many people that should have a blog. But that is probably because I am interested in their lives. (Oh Yes! It brings out the gossip magazine in me! And I know it is not good, but if it wasn`t for people like me, and my other friends from the past (schools and other places) I don`t know where you`re mystical creatures are hiding. If you had a BLOG I would KNOW, if you`re all just fiiiine and I hope you all are, then bless your hearts! (*With a Southern accent!*) You are the ones I actually want to spy on in this weird way (Some people are so interesting!), but if we didn`t exist and weren`t desperate enough, could the gossip blogs ever survive? You think social media is enough? There`s no personality on social media. To be honest, social media isn`t social AT ALL! I don`t understand why people don`t choose to blog. Or write at all. Writing is my passion. One of my passions! CREATION is my main passion. It covers everything I love.

I may return to continue on this blog post. But for now; good night! 

Hi, I am back again! (The next day) I am now changing serious ERRORS on my blog. I am going to learn / study the html codes regarding the header issues. It is very difficult. But this is the design I need. I need it to be a website, not a "blog look". I know I said the other blog design is awesome. It is but I already use it on The Mali Show, my comedy blog. This is not the comedy "corner". This is where I will share everything else. 

"So, why do you even blog? WHY ? It is weird." Writing is my passion. I just wrote that earlier. "Why don`t you write a freaking BOOK?" Well, I don`t think I will. Not now anyway. I get easily bored by my own "book projects".  The story stops. And it should be a little lenghty, don`t you think? You can`t design your own book-design over and over again and change the headers  etc. I am addicted to editing more than anything else. Perhaps coffee was a good candidate not long ago. I am now laying OFF the coffee. (It is always great to believe there`s hope...but then you get back to the coffee machine and the Dolce Gusto is the one I have my eyes on. I wish it wasn`t so.)

It is Sunday and tomorrow I am BUSY as h*ll again. We had fall holiday in France until tomorrow, so I am going to have to work hard today. And I will write another blog post again today. Have a great Sunday! Peace!✌

Do you have a blog? 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! πŸ‘

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