Blogging is HARD! 😕

Seriously. It is. It`s just like a best selling author trying to force a new chapter of a best selling book. It doesn`t happen today! It`s called writer`s block. I have it ALL THE TIME. I also have it musically, and every time whenever I don`t know what to vlog about on YouTube, which is the same thing, the same problem. All writers and artist have it. Show me the person who doesn`t have it and I`ll...scream "You...FREAK!" in their face. Okay, that was a joke. 

Life is hard and as a blogger you have a hard job in front of you (No, there`s no irony here!)📝

Write about my make up routine? 💅 I have no routine. No make up here! Hello? I don`t wanna look older, either! Don`t wanna look like an old lady in make up. I look younger without it. 

Favorite show on Netflix has to be Stranger Things. Just because of the 1980`s nostalgia. Kids on 80`s bikes with walkie-talkies, and the best 80`s vibe a show has ever given me. I am an 80`s child so I really love that era. It does remind me of the movie E.T.

Blog about a day in my life, you said? Well, go to my YouTube channels and watch days of my life. Become a subscriber and a FAN and just binge watch all of my weird videos!

Here is an old vlog-playlist from Mali - My Universe. (My life when I lived in Norway. Was life better? That is a topic for another LONG blog post in the future.) Yes, it was a weird time of my life. Let`s go down memory lane! Or let`s NOT! 😂 Well, you can decide here...

Always post the best photos, not the lo fi ones! That`s what you all say! Make the blog look CLICKABLE! Desperate people find you on Pinterest when you post perfect photos, since you can do really well through Pinterest. I understand your love for the PERFECT in this world but this blogger right here does not live a perfect life in a perfect world. I barely live in YOUR world. So, I mess up my lo fi cell phone camera photos in Photoshop to make them look like a super nerdy emo teenager from Japan made it, while being super depressed. Or being super excited! Why is that so wrong? And age doesn`t stop me. It`s the time that flies too fast. I`m stuck in the 80`s, still. I was very young in the 80`s. Okay, this sounds bad😐...

Let`s go and find something else to do. Blogging is too hard. I have to go with the garbage bags today, like every day. And let`s see what is going on today outside of my front door. It could be a good idea, right? 

I came bak from doing daily chores. "Naah! Do you DO daily chores as a blogger?" Not really...but in my case...yes. I am not a fake blogger. What you see is what you get.  IF you see a clean floor in the background it is because I actually love to clean. Other bloggers just fake a normal life! Okay, I just wanted to write this for the heck of it. To get every perfect liferstyle blogger`s attention. As a blogger you come and go. You have at least three more drafts in your archive of unpublished posts. Sometimes you forget about them for good. For a reason. Sometimes you decide to post them anyway. Sometimes you realize that the post was too crazy and you actually delete it forever. Blogging is hard, you guys! Okay, it`s irony. I just want you to shake your heads and think "What a loser!" Also; we bloggers LOVE haters. Haters create traffic. Traffic is what you NEED in this game.

This was going to be the opening photo but I decided to be a little bit more frustrated on my opening photo. Here I look calm. Almost boring. Almost like...I "have a life!...WHO WANTS THAT? 

M-TV stands for Mali -TV. 


From now on I am not going to post HUGE photos unless they`re a little bit BETTER in quality.
So, yes, the PERFECTIONISTS out there on the world wide web are right in many ways. I choose to listen to other peoples advice sometimes too. SOMETIMES! TODAY! Since we are all here to share experiences. I didn`t like today`s photos but I am not going to replace them because I`m sharing my journey here as a blogger. I`ve been on a blogger`s journey since...2006...and....yeah....huge things are happening...soon...I said that in 2006 2007, 08,09,10,11,12,13....yeah...well...I kinda feel like I`m in the Matrix. The numbers just keep coming. They`re being thrown at me like some kind of natural catastrophe. Nothing has happened EVER! But I am NOT giving up as a blogger no matter how many years pass by. I see the people giving up. But they didn`t even enjoy it in the first place. I am going to be that OLD blogger who barely has eyesight to post a blog post anymore. But I guess I`m over to books then...I`ll always write. "TALK TO YOURSELF, MALI!" I hear the voice of  some kind of guide helping me to continue on this journey. 

And now I see the spirtual readers like..."Yeah...her guides...spirit guides. ARCHANGEL MICHAEL! With his cutting sword. Cutting away the bullshit and helping to guide her on her spiritual path in this life time"

Excuse me, did you SEE HIM? EVER? I choose to just go with my own voice. (And I can smell bullshit from a mile away anyway!) But IF the spiritual voices are my own voice then...

HOUSTON? We have a problem? I was really into these topics,
truth seeker like I am.
But what saved me was that I am a computer nerd. And proud.

We don`t believe in that SH*T! We NERDS believe in the BIG BANG! People ask "But WHO created the big bang!" You don`t ask that question. You can but who`s going to give you an answer? Stephen Hawkins said that there`s nothing outside of the universe, just NOTHINGNESS! I mean...why don`t you spirtual leaders just relax and take a sip of coffee? AND start to learn about the solar system? Especially I want the flat earthers out there (OMG! I can`t believe it!) to learn about the solar system. The nothingness outside of the universe is too advanced for your brains to understand. 

Does it look like we`re ever going to know what`s going on outside of our own universe? So, please don`t create any more drama! With angels and UFO activity. I went to a healer class once. I left just as FAT as I came in. Didn`t work. I created my own universe instead because these questions are too advanced. I AM a thinker, but I decided to let that topic rest FOREVER and start to CREATE instead. Inside of my own universe. The one thing I DO believe in is the law of attraction.That whatever you focus on grows.You attract more of what you already are. If you are angry you`ll attract more anger. Angry people and negative circumstances. And if you`re happy you`ll attract more reasons to be happy. 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! 👍
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