Show the world who you really are NOW!

Hi, and welcome back to another universe! 🌠 Let`s be shooting stars together! Show everyone who you REALLY are! "Oh no I can`t do that! I have to be like my neighbor who has these plain grey curtains. And told me not to put up laundry on my balcony." "Ces`t pas bien ca!" Not good like that? WHAT? Are you freaking kidding me? She didn`t want to see it while walking to her apartment door, I guess. Typical French lady in her 50`s. I am living in the retired, old lady / elderly couple`s area. I like it like that. It is safe here. She is the boss lady of this apartment building. On the "door bell button - list" her last name is the only last name that is engraved on a red alarming button, so that we all know who to call if something happens. So, I am very self conscious and never let anything wrong happen, obviously. Her dog is a cute French greyhound. I have to say cute in case she reads this. She doesn`t know my blog, though. But in that case I am not going to say anything more. 

I thought that it was time for a new photo shoot again. I do NOT have any new photos of myself. I always use old ones for blogging (or Pinterest photos.) Although I love Pinterest photos, the lo - fi photoshopped photos by some nerd in Japan, I actually miss my OWN photos. I am indeed a great

Don`t care about what people think! Become inspired TODAY and show them who you really are! TAKE RADICAL ACTION TODAY! YOU CAN DO IT! This is me taking crazy photos of myself on a "BAD" day. Why was it bad? Because every day is not the right day. Every day is another day to procrastinate. So, how many more months and years are you gonna wait? Well, this day will NEVER come again! So, you better start showing the world who you are NOW!...

And why do you need a good camera? You don`t. You start with whatever crappy camera you`ve got. This was just as lo fi as the "leaked photos" of UFO`s on the internet. Really crappy because they`re FAKE! But don`t be fake. If you`re gonna be a fake idiot then don`t fool around with your camera, I`m no professional photographer, but I`m not fake. Actually, I don`t take photos, I RUN! I run with the camera. "You can`t do that, Mali! Nobody does that!" 

Yes, exactly my point. 

"And why is your mouth always open in the photos?" A valid question that people reading this might have. Well...I eat a lot so I always want to be prepared for all the junk food being thrown at me. I don`t know why they choose tomatoes and eggs when I actually love cheeze burgers. But I believe it`s a way of telling me that I have to slim down a little bit. It`s all good, don`t worry!πŸ‘ŒAn open, happy cavity free mouth is way more attractive than a closed angry duck face. I want the world to learn from this attitude. πŸ˜‚

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! πŸ‘

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