Making music can be hard as h*ll! 👿

I am not going to sugarcoat how easy music production is, even on a non-professional level. And please do NOT come here and say "But you`re not in a studio, Mali! You just sit there with your Windows computer and a microphone. Getting fat and lazy!" Well, right NOW I sit here with a Windows computer (being fat and lazy!), but the journey to get to my new destination (where I became even fatter and lazier!) has been a hard one. I could simply NOT bring my home studio with me on the airport. And "Why do you even bother making music? You sound like crap, Mali!" Well, if you wouldn`t mind just slowly dying with all of your unfinished songs and your whole creative universe still hidden inside you, then you haters should just shut up. The 9 to 5 people don`t know how it feels like. It`s like fuel to us. Actually; it`s like drugs to us. To create! And by the way; WE ALL sound like crap!😂 Especially if you just woke up with a headache from last night in the studio and you`re walking to the kitchen half-blind, because you almost don`t see anymore, because you have been staring into a screen for hours. You even have pain in your eyes. With a blured vision you get your a*ss to the kitchen for that 10th cup of coffee. Which your favorite youtube doctor just said in a video that you should AVOID! Avoid a 10th cup of coffee! And it`s so freaking EARLY! Yeah, 7 is early for us producers. Actually; 7 is LATE. Let me make that into a quote, you guys...

7 is not early for us music producers. 7 is LATE! 😎


You realize it`s crap

At 7 you`ve been up all night in the home studio. From 1 last night. You thought you were just going to add some effects to an audio track, but NO! Your a*ss didn`t even move from the chair. (Just to get coffee!) WHERE did the time fly? The back pain is really driving you crazy. And you`ve had so many cups of coffee that you almost want to throw up. You`re not focused anymore either. You throw the vocals on the timeline like you throw banana to the monkeys in the jungle and yes, it does sound like monkey music, but you actually like it because you are deafh now too all of a sudden. In the end you give up this sh*t. You realize it`s crap. "I`ve got better luck in a few hours!" and then you go on to watch your favorite series on Netflix instead. Yeah, a producer don`t really cope doing random things. Okay, that was a joke, but not really because they always think of a new project. "Wow! I have song in my head right now!! *Runs back to record it* A REAL producer always finds his (or her) way back to the studio. I used to be like that a few years ago. But I`ve got new responsibilites in life, so I can`t just continue like that, BUT!; I still find time for my creative work. Now there`s a new problem; when can I put in the hours needed to create? In the end I always manage to create something. ANYTHING! 

Sad, depressed and FAT

The main problem is when you`re stuck creativily. Then you just take a break from it a few days, weeks, even months. I have experienced taking a break for YEARS too, and that turned me into a dysfunctional person. I became sad, depressed and FAT! (Not like I am now, it`s when your mother starts to call you to tell you you`re fat. Because she accidentally saw you standing up from the chair on a Messenger phone call. I am chubby now. I have learned to live it, you know. You can`t say "no" to the cake here in France.) Again, like I said before; most people just don`t get it. You have to be in the same business to get it. Socially being an artist/content creator can be really hard. Your personal relationship with other people has to suffer for you to succeed. Which means NOT going out to parties and other gatherings with friends. "Don`t you wanna come over and grab a beer? (Or empty a jug with 96 % of potato liquor? Like they do in my country Norway? Okay, that was a joke.😨) NO! I JUST wanna grab my microphone! BYE!" Every free minute you get, if you`re so lucky to even have a free minute, that is your go time! You have to put in the extra hours when everybody else seems to be sitting and watching some useless sh*t on TV. Television, that basically tells lies to your vision! Don`t make anybody tell lies to you, honey. YOU create your own TRUTH by being who you ARE! Wow! I felt a motivational - speaker - moment right now! Common sense: "Stop it Mali! Don`t turn into this weird motivational speaker!" I`m not, trust me. One thing you`re not gonna see me do, is standing on a stage and talking about ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and his angelic friends. We have too many weirdos already doing that. But I don`t mind talking about me. And you all know that I am angelic.😂

Here are a few different times when I`ve tried to make music. Well, easier said than done...
Will come back soon! Please return to this post for updates later today! I am looking through videos...


Now I am back again! Here is my selected "Making music-video". I have more videos for you in the end of this blog post.

This is so weird...I just don`t have the capability to be serious, so I only joke. I have to live with it...

Today`s "photo shoot" by myself (I am into lo fi / psychedelic.)

Creativity kept hidden deep inside

So, you have to be in the 1% club to succeed in this business, and I am also JUST on this journey. I have created a possibility for myself to create. That is a number 1 goal to get you started; How can you find time to work on your dream future? I have been on this journey since I was 14 years old and I got stuck in the "9-5" system for too long, but finally in my mid-thirties I started to see a solution and a future for myself. To create! I am 40 now. And it has not been easy. I had no reason to see a bright future in this field for myself. I had to clean the government buildings because that was all I could see myself doing. With all the creativity kept hidden deep inside I knew I couldn`t take on a long education in the wrong direction and put up with the average job. I started the first year of lawschool when I decided enough is enough. I liked it in the beginning. I am really into human rights so it could have worked. I wasn`t wrong about the choice at the time being, but there was a vibe that something was OFF. And all of a sudden the teacher died. And I guess that was the last straw for me. I relaized I could do it. But I just knew it wasn`t for me. If I could do that and not be happy, it wouldn`t take a lot of energy for me to actually work hard on something that would make me happy. So, I got on the right track, finally. I advice you all to get on the right track in life. 

Monkey business 

But at the same time; this new era of your life is not going to be a walk through the park with a lollypop in you mouth. You have to be realistic and work HARD! (Hard, hard, hard, harder! It should be a song! That`s how serious it is!) We are in the tik tok days where some people think that you`ve made it if you`ve made a 10 second video of yourself jumping like a monkey. Which can work in this monkey business, but your`re only going to be a monkey. (For so long!) Have you built up any momentum? NO! You became that monkey! Surprisinly, even to myself, I actually have some momentum now after a few videos on Youtube showing my creative journey up until this point. I didn`t start yesterday. Those videos are hard work. Even though it looks foolish and simple to you. "I could have done better than her!" No, most people need help for everything! So, go learn an instrument! Go and learn to create on the different computer softwares! I create on them all! But many people have no idea why they`re doing things. If you ask them, they don`t know what they want to become in this life. "I just want to be famous!" But why, though? "I don`t know!" Well, I knew that I had to create since I was 12 and it had kind of started to destroy the attempt on living a normal life for many years, but I din`t give up. So, people like us don`t give up after becoming a monkey for a few days, we don`t settle. We create MORE! We put in the hours of work! If we don`t have time! We create time! Don`t want to be no 10 second monkey at all! In many cases, actually in most cases this is what people aim for. Here today, gone tomorrow! But YOU can be different! 🌠

Here are more videos of me making music. Do NOT get your hopes up! This is super weird!...

Oh my god! The lyrics and the whistling part! 🠉 😂 

And here my character was "Looking for the really bad, bad, beats!"...

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  1. Damn... I learn so much from you! actually everything not to do, i have learned from you ❤️

    1. Thanks for reading and learning! I am not only a world Idol but also a motivational guru!

  2. I love your music and i love your style, you are my BIGGEST idol ever!

    1. Thanks, I am an actual Idol from TV ! Thanks for being a superfan!