1111 has to be GREAT!πŸ‘(And everyday life random talk)

I am greatful for my challenges. They gave me the strength to CONTINUE! Things are ON TRACK! 

The universe is calling my name once again. "Mali, turn on your computer and blog for you life!" Today will start off GREAT! πŸ˜‚ 1111 has to be great. This always happens to me. I have written a blog post in the past, I believe, about this topic.

Here it is: That was one cool number (Shortest blog post EVER!)

I didn`t find the other blog post with more numbers. I believe I wrote one in the past but decided to delete it because maybe the topic is just too weird, but I LOVE NUMBERS! Okay, just kidding! When everybody else wanted to find x and y (Something like that...) I just wanted to find myself, honey. That was ENOUGH for me! πŸ˜‚ And I am still looking for myself. Aren`t we all? When do we stop learning? The nerd in me says: "NEVER!"

Being a nerdy tech person

Wow! That kind of sounded cool, professional and so "Silicon Valley". Yeah...that`s what I am. Even though I am not as boring as Bill Gates obviously is. His computers reflect who he is. πŸ˜‚ But I love computers, though... more than...cake. Not really. Because nothing beats cake. Everybody else all of my young life: "Do you wanna go to the club?" Me: "No" I`d rather work on my computer. So, that`s what I did. I sat up all night trying to figure out why I had a 60 second shut down virus. I wanted so bad to connect to the internet. For no reason at all but my tech obsession. (I even used text-TV before we had internet because I loved the technology.) But my father took the scissors and cut off the internet cable all of a sudden. The year was 2001. I was already like 5 years behind my best friend`s internet knowledge. She had found the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air`s "Carlton-dance" on the Internet. I loved that dude! He kind of had my energy! Dancing to Tom Jones` "It`s not unusual". But my father, he didn`t understand me at the time. Hey! I didn`t even understand me! But obviously he was right. He was always right. 

Photo: Pinterest again!

Vibrant like never before

Here I am probably TOO inspired by Carlton in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air...
In The Christmas Spirit...Juhuu! This is the craziest video that I`ve ever made! It was even LIVE on my Facebook page! Jeseeees! That`s where I found it! This is the first time I`ve asked myself: "What the hell was wrong with me?"...naaah...I always ask myself that, and that`s how I want to keep things. Whenever I lose myself and forget who I truly am I come back to this video. 

Oh, how I miss Christmas! I used to dislike Christmas for the longest time. But I am BACK loving it like never before! 

But sometimes things don`t work out and you lose your vibe. I am back and vibrant like never before! What about you? πŸ‘orπŸ‘Ž? Actually, I believe that I`ve raised my frequency to a pretty high vibration. And I have that video above to prove it to you. I just can`t waste my time. Because time is precious and...I`ve realized something with time; that time is money. Sitting at a cafe being social (French cafe!) is super cosy, don`t get me wrong, but you won`t get rich sitting on you a*s all day. So, I`ve always had just a few friends during my life. Computer loving nerds! I also love the people who take a backpack with an orange and coffee on the termos, and just find the hardest route to the mountain top. They`ll reach me on the Facebook Messenger chat. Take a photo of a wild animal! I love leopard! Quality over quanity! 

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! Thanks! πŸ‘ your photo name

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