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Yo! What`s up? Okay, maybe a little cringy. Been super inspired by hip hop in the 90`s lately. Okay, so this has been going on...NOTHING! I have done nothing but procrastinating. I started writing this blog post like...last...week? 

I know there is something called...

Photo: The wonderful Pinterest!

But I don`t know what it means. Because before everything there is...COFFEE! And you all know how I feel about that. 

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Flexing on the gram / ADHD (Which is the same thing!)

And by the way, I am also flexing on the gram. Instagram, that is! Here is my profile over there:
malisuniverse. Follow me and like all of my posts! 😉 You can even binge watch me! I don`t care if you`re a stalker. I need the traffic.😂 I`ve already turned 40, so I am desperate! Yes, I know I look 18. So, I have a free pass.😎 Okay, I have to be honest; I am actually kidding because I dislike attention in real life. (IRL like they say nowadays.) But like Jim Carrey said "You can`t be a star at home" is a fact that I can`t deny if I want to be this blogger / youtuber personality. Actually, I never thought I would say that because that is also at the same time something that I don`t want to become. And the reason for that is because I always wanted to be an actress, that`s IT. No internet personality. But I always forget my line. For that reason I could have never succeeded being an actress. I feel the same about  performing something on stage. Anything actually, because I don`t learn manuscripts by heart. I have ADHD. Even though I have also heard that I don`t have it. By the same psychiatric ward that diagnosed me in the first place. But I actually have it on paper so, what can I say? All I know is that it all goes in one ear, out the other. I also make up lyrics to my songs while directly recording everything in one take only. But then I go over it. I can even start in the middle of the song. And then all of a sudden...well..."kinda don`t like this song...let`s start a new project"...and then I add new empty tracks to a new project, and in five minutes I have created the background track and the first vocals. The last project before this one needs some more brain capacity, thinking, whatever you want to call it. Let`s use the weekend on that one. A weekend easily turns into a year. (That is very ADHD by the way! So, to some degree I feel that the diagnosis is the right one for me anyway.) I just have like ONE restriction in my life: I am NEVER going to perform a song live. Or be handed a manuscript to play Juliet. But I can talk freely for hours.

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I mean what is WRONG with people? 

Fake people / Let`s celebrate what we know

Why the h*ll are you flexing on the gram? I show how nerdy I am. Not ashamed. Not trying to aim above my own limits in this world. Not trying to be anything more than a 10 second celebrity. F - listed celebrity. (Listed as F*cking loser of the 2000`s with a one hit wonder - video (That I tried to remove myself. But decided to don`t give a damn instead) A person who can`t even spell the word celebrity. I actually can`t; have huge errors when I try to say the word. WHY are so many people faking a life on the internet? When you meet them in real life you have to ask yourself if you`re being catfished. And why don`t people read more instead of making up stories about the world. I used to watch conspiracies too in the past. Realized that most of it is BS. Kind of entertaining but still...ain`t got time for this sh*t! Realized that the only thing I can be is a realist. Finally! I kind of used to half heartedly believe in the spirit world. Which probably is something that could exists, but we can`t see. But we freaking can`t see it! So how do we know? And if we don`t know, why do we bother? I just don`t understand people like a guy called Durek Verett. That is super weird. All Norwegians know who he is. Just by measuring the pulse rate on somebody, all of a sudden, you know all about their life? Did you go to school to learn this? Why are YOU giving yourself this role and title and place yourself above all other people? You`re an alien and cancer is just something you give yourself because your soul is a negative soul. With "blocks" or whatever. What do you know about souls? Where did you go to learn this? I even feel stupid for giving him my time and energy right now. That has to speak volumes, I think. That is what most Norwegians think. But not a lot speak out when things get weird. I have always spoken out. But I am not WOKE. Don`t get me started, please! (I am not going to write about that.) I have a timing. Everything has to be said at the right time. Durek, I gave you my time today. I will never give you my time again. In a future post. I just wanted to use you as an example of people that we should NOT give our time and energy to. Because it leads us away from proof. This earth, Tellus, demands solid proof.

So, what about the alien topic at the moment? I can totally see that Durek Verret says "Wow, Martha! It is about time! I missed my family members found in Mexico! *Looking at the aliens to find stains of blood but soon realizes that the blood is GREEN!* He is soon to pull out his race card again, like he`s done before, because this is a different race...and so is he...not so important to him that there`s one race, the human race, in this awkward situation. The race card must up..."If I was a pale guy from Bærum (a very posh neighborhood in Norway) I would not be asked to do this job!" Everybody else; "You said you were related to them!"

"I wish I could measure their pulse...don`t have one, OKAY! Can I measure yours!" Secretly thinking:"I need to do this weird stuff on someone" because there`s a need for attention and it probably all stems from childhood, it usually does. It is what makes us who we are. That we KNOW! I am just going to stop this rant right now and just say:

Let`s celebrate what we KNOW!

And let`s not keep our attention on what we do not know. Unless you`re about to find life on Mars with your telescope. And for some reason call yourself Elon Musk. We just don`t have the capacity of doing that. I hope we get a new Einstein or Tesla or Hawkins soon. That could be a game changer. Because the only proof of EVERYTHING is in science. Yes, we do have Elon but he is not an oracle, you guys.

Alien agenda or no agenda...and proabably also a few "UFO crashes" and hooverings outside of The White House. "Incidents" that did NOT occur. Because if it didn`t get picked up by the mainstream news it didn`t happen. That is the reality we have to accept. Although we are most likely not alone in the universe. I think we all know that. Because WE are here. We are also aliens. To the other so-called aliens out there. But we are the stupidest ones out there. 😂We could be related to the apes. I think the other aliens think that`s stupid. Just my guess. No, seriously, I`m sure we are smarter than many of the other life forms out there in the universe. But why should we, who are stupid care about something that we can`t measure? Light years away. Obviously; If they`re not too far away than that would just be a new step in science. Because some intelligent people actually READ. Not because a psychic channeled Durek Verett`s family on the dark side of the moon. I used to LOVE those topics. But I one day found the flat earther`s community. OMG! That is some real stupidness right there! But it isn`t more farfetched than any other theory that we can`t measure. The thing is; we CAN measure and dummy test the flat earth theory. That`s why we had people like Stephen Hawkins, Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein. They actually read too.

Antarctica's Secret Alien Cover-Up | Ancient Aliens 
(Directly copied and pasted from Google.) Hell to the no! I am over it. "Hunting Hitler" was another series by the way. I watched the whole series. Because I questioned history, wanted to be in control and not being lied to by the education system, and wasn`t living in the present. And with all of these series they want us to rewrite history. But why? Get over it! We have issues right now on the planet. We should use our time wisely and build more solar cell panels instead. 

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