You fake like a cheap copy from China!

One of my most popular articles is "You fake like this birkin!"  So, I am going to write a new article about things I believe are FAKE! (And if YOU are a fake idiot like the type I am going to explain to you in this post, then there`s HOPE! STILL!....I believe. Maybe...So, I am going to post my post in the "You can do it!"- category.)

LOL! 😂 That was so funny! Not really but...didn`t find any cool "Fake memes" pictures on Google. 

I hope you are not fake idiots like the ones from...

The Milli Vanilli group

This pop group did not only lip sync to "their songs", the group members lip synced to sombody ELSE`S vocals! That`s crazy! And that`s so FAKE! I have no words to how fake that is. JESES!😧


That was some next level FAKE sh*t, right?

Don`t you come around with your fake sh*t! I am all about REALNESS! I may not be the best music producer in the world and I do NOT play the keyboard very well. Hey! I STILL did it! Because I am REAL. I am serving you the REAL DEAL HERE. You can`t get any more real and weird. But what is better? FAKE? I made this song on a freaking Windows computer that had almost broken apart with black tape on the sides to keep the harddisc inside the frame. And they couldn`t tell the producer "Well, we kinda feel like...umm...we shouldn`t ..I mean...fool the peop"? "SHUT UP! We`ll stay on this contract for one more year!" Get it? (The deceit?)

Proof that I don`t get anything at all and that is how I wanna keep things...Keeping the mystery! So, why don`t you have a listen to my song "My world is yellow"? Like China! Okay, that was a bad joke! 😂

Although you were just introduced to a huge meme, I finally found the Google memes...

This shirt had no meaning and I don`t know why I chose this picture. But fake cheese is really serious, so I am gonna keep it anyway.

I see them and hear about them but I do not involve myself in their mess. On my early journey (From 18 to exactly 30 (Before 18 kinda doesn`t count in my case! I AM a case study!😂) years old I listened to the haters and the naysayers and jumped down the rabbit hole together with the other so called cool "kids" (Cool adult kids refusing to adult! They were about 2 people, me and that other person? Well, sometimes it takes one person (NOT my female childhood friend. She is awesome! This is a male)  Anyways...) in the surge to experience "culture". But in the end I turned out to be one of the coolest "kids" I know. Not even kidding! 😂

So, you can learn here! Learn from this pop group. To NEVER accept anything less than what you truly ARE! NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS! They felt forced to stay on the contract. They wanted to be on stage and this was their chance. Obviously, there`s a limit to how fake you can become. This really destroys the Norwegian walnut cake! And I would never do anything less but eat that cake to the last spoon...

Fake version...

It does not look right. Photo:

Real "CLOSED OFF" Walnut cake is supposed to be thrown on the plate...because you`re desperate to eat it. Listen honeym IF you`re just standing there being fake and afraid you`re doing it WRONG!

Thrown on a paper plate by one of your coworkers. You were the last person he served! Because you were the least important employer in that job. (I feel a future blog post coming soon!) They almost forgot you! You cried as you jumped on that bike home from work that day.
*THAT FEELING* Photo: Flicker - user

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