Welcome back! Fall in Norway...

YO! Have not been here in ages, I feel! But I`m back now! I almost forgot this blog. I LOVE to blog. I have the other blog; malisuniverse.com, so I am always blogging in some way. 

"WHY do you have two blogs, Mali?" Don`t ask! Just don`t! I can`t answer this question either.

I am going to post my recent videos from my YouTube channel The Mali Show and just say a "few words" about what`s going on. I will end up writing a LONG novel this time too, I`m sure! 😂

Recent video from Norway. Was going on a hike and decided to "be in the 80`s"...

A "normal" vlog...at least I TRY! 😂

So, what`s going on? Well, been drinking TOO MANY cups of Chai Tea Latte while I have been
in Norway. 

WOW! I didn`t end up writing a whole novel about being in Norway, doing...stuff...mainly just going to coffees and eating out. Went on a great hike to the wonderful "Rønningen". I am surprised that after all of my LUKKET VALNUTS I was STILL in great shape. Lukket Valnøtt is the best cake in the world. It beats the French pattesseri (hard to spell it, sorry!) a 100 times. And I live in France. And every time I try out a cake there, it is just NOT the same as The CLOSED WALNUT cake of Norway! 😂

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