I don`t have any recent photos at the moment, so I just have to add this one, overweight and everything. One of my best photos, actually! Ah, I miss those overweight-days. Didn`t give a sh*t about what I was eating....wait a minute....I still don`t! 😂 And it is kind of liberating...until you can`t see your feet anymore when you look down. They say veganism is great, but you can`t eat Sushi, then! 😵 What was I REALLY here to do? Write about food or...

Ye (Kanye West) is talking sh*t again. Now he sees something good in Hitler. I was never a fan. And his recent stunt on The Alex Jones Show didn`t actually make me like him more. I did manage to create a song which has some lyrics decicated to him. Will probably add the song in this blog post. (The song is really bad - in a good way.) But if you don`t see it below then I didn`t add it, which is the most intelligent choice of action, to do at the moment if you want people to think you`re still SANE- which they`re on the verge of questioning ALREADY. I don`t know how I came up with that sentence. Sometimes sentences pop into my mind...hello? It`s called thinking. But don`t you think it`s like hard to like stop and think. That kind of sounded like a blonde-joke. But I am indeed planning to change my hair-do into my desired outcome as "Marilyn Monroe", but just not yet. OR when Courtney Love was with Kurt Cobain. Red lipstick, in a torn mini dress. That`s an even better look. Did I mention that I hate looks? So, I am still not sure, though. Sadly, but true; I have to stop and think about this one.

So, anyway...what are you doing today? Here`s my to - do-list...

And here`s my recent vlog...

Thanks for watching my show! 💖

- The show that you can`t tell your friends that you`re watching, because in this society; 
to be different is really taboo, and you cannot show signs that you`re into this sh*t. 
But it is really sh*t, though. Really crappy. (On purpose!) So, yeah, I kinda get it. 😂
Stop! STOP! I`m not THAT weird. It sounds like I am really, really weird.😜
And by the way; you should NEVER call your own creations crap. NEVER!

      - Not just crap but TRAILER TRASH - CRAP! 😂

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