Are ads a good idea?

I changed my template today. Why? Well, because I couldn`t get back my original comment section on my blog. And no-one ever commented on Disqus! (Disqus is a commenting system for blogs/websites. People say it`s the best, but nothing ever happens there. (Probably because I have no followers.) But I still don`t like it. Looks like the ones the nerds use. You have to be a nerd to understand it, basically. Even though I am a nerd I don`t want to force the nerdness on other people. I use blogger still after like 15 years of blogging because I never wanted to pay like sh*tloads of money on f.ex Wordpress, for the same templates that blogger uses FOR FREE! I love freebies and that`s how I`m gonna roll. 

Adsense - ads looked UGLY on my last blog template. And I want ads. I just love ads. Yeah 💖 Freakin` love it! No, that`s not why. Have you heard about monetization of a blog? There you have it! 👍 They speak so highly about cashing in on that doe...dow? 

The Norwegian Viking-woman in me doesn`t understand the use of slang. But I want to be IN THE GAME! 👌👍✊

You need at least 1 add on your forhead. I mean front page. There`s a difference between selling your soul to the devil (A crappy deal that came with some toys and a happy meal - Kanye West) and placing one innocent ad on the front page. Right?

How do you feel about ads on your blog / website? Ads are ugly as h*ll. But do YOU get paid? How the h*ll can we get paid nowadays?

Tell me all about it in the comment section below, which is now open to the average person (Even haters. I am THAT desperate right now. Traffic is traffic. 😜)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! (You can write comments in the box below. ) Thanks! 👍

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  1. Well, well, lets see if this comment-system work or if it just disgust me.... Wow! It works! Impressive! You really did it this time, Mali..

    1. Disqus disgusts me YES! I never gort any was really shitty.