How lazy bloggers blog...

"My blog is just a sporadic hobby. I don`t care about the traffic to my blog. I hate traffic. I get stuck in traffic!" 

I blog only to let my neighbor know that I am still thinking about getting that yellow sofa. I have wanted yellow furnitures for a while, actually. Love the color. For like 5 years (TIME FLIES when you`re lazy!) I have googled yellow sofas on IKEA. But Ikea is very far. You need to take a French train to Ikea. Too may poodles on those trains! Have nothing against dogs, but...This was just an excuse. It was a joke. Lazy people are experts at joking. Their jokes are so bad, that they are actually funny. This was not funny. I have to reconsider if this was a joke or not.

I am usually funny. 

I`ve always believed that about myself. It is a lazy excuse so that I can joke around and play all day.
Actually; I kind of feel like a cat. 

In my mind I am climbing trees and the ladder of success like the rest of the go - getters out there. 

Here I am writing about it. To let the world know that I am READY to surrender to this reality. "I already have 1000 readers per day!" 1000 readers could mean 100 Euros in my bank account, like ASAP. That`s what the other bloggers say on Google. That one-click-method. The "Publish" button. I have pressed it 1000 times already and nothing happens. Affiliate links! Sell stuff! Sell other people`s products? Like dropshipping from Ali Baba in China? Sounds like the product would break any time in the mail. Not get on the plane from China. If it got on the plane it would take a month for it to be delivered. Not exactly tastefully delivered. Who the h*ll would want this business and ruin their reputation? 
But some peole just ruin their reputation no matter what. 

Lazy bloggers love the copy and paste method. Like they actually wrote it themselves. F.ex...

Being lazy

[Laziness is one of the worst habits you can have. It affects your motivation and your willingness to meet deadlines. As a result, productivity will suffer and you won’t be able to meet clients’ demands. If you are too indolent to put in the work, your business may not live to see another year.]

It sounds like I really know what I`m talking about here. But it  wasn`t me! 

After a few sentences in my notebook, on how great I already see myself, (I almost decided to buy my own t-shirt (merch) to wear in my next post) But to be honest; who cares about my t-shirts? That I haven`t created yet.

 I decided to get my shit together and stop being so lazy.

With an expression that should get the reader`s attention. (The reader got scared. Okay...)

"I am back with a podcast, a hit song, a clothing line. I am spreading myself on the world wide web." 
Yes, you are preading yourself thin! Lazy bloggers just don`t have the energy to focus on the main issue. Social problems! Okay, that was a joke. Actually, that is true. But sometimes you need to be antisocial to actually create your dream life, whatever that is. Other people will just tell you to stop.
They don`t see your vision. But that is a whole different topic. I came here to talk about lazy bloggers like myself. Yes, there I said it.


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