If it works, why change it?

You might BELIEVE that you have a great idea. But is it really that great?

I always try to find new templates and new designs for my blog(s) I have two.) But I always go back to my original template. 

WHY change anything if what you already do or have works? After hours of trying to get back my original settings on my old blog (After trying out new stuff; like "Disqus"(which is old but to me it was new) I finally restored EVERYTHING just 30 minutes ago. I now have a normal commenting section underneath the blog posts. I do not need Disqus anymore. Because I was "disqusted" by it. Okay, that was a weird way of saying it. But it is the truth! (Kinda...)

But this is a lesson actually. IF something works, WHY change it?

I will never change anything ever again. Only if this platform blows up. Then I am forced to leave it.

Today`s note to self: Don`t change anything!

I hope I don`t need to write long articles to satisfy my 3-5 daily readers. Please buy me a coffee! Only kidding! I DON` NEED NO MO` COFFEE, HONEY! (Trying to sound gangstah and from the south of the U.S all at once - which I can never pull off.)  

Even though my alter- ego thinks she can...


I am SO SORRY for my accent(s) I am from Norway. I am from the countryside. And where I`m from; this is how we are. 

MAYbe too many coffees? This "video series" was supposed to be a GREAT concept. Which started out as an idea. A simple thought. Why don`t I just become this loner, sitting in front of the computer all day, trying to connect with the rest of the world through a camera. I had just watched a whole season of a Swedish comedy series (and the swedes, honey...That is something else!) And I already KNEW that I am "something else" as well. And I obviously had people telling me that I should not be "something else". But I don`t  think they understand this; You can`t turn it off! Ask Jim Carrey!

The "Jesus is watching you" - song is the most cringe-worthy part of this video. OMG! omg! OH MY GAWD! 😂 Even the local church congregation would cringe. 

Please do NOT share this EVER! 

Actually do.

Adsense doesn`t pay sh*t. 😡
(I am on 3 dollars at the moment!)

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. Like, share and comment! (You can write comments in the box below. ) Thanks! 👍
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  1. Ok, thats it, too much coffe on you today 😆

    1. I will buy caffeine free! Maybe that`s a game-changer for me. :-D