I am a football idiot!

Top secret to my readers (The 5 people who already know me and actually do know that I`m like this!): I watch every fotball /soccer - match  - 2022. (Have no idea what you call it in English) I do feel that Brazil could win this year. 😒 But I hope NOT! Time for a change! Morocco was great today by the way. I yell "YES!" and "NO!" to every good or bad move that my favorite team does. I always support the underdog. I have been an underdog myself in life. I know how that feels. But I decided to raise above that illusion. Raaaaaise my frequency! 😂 But I am so sad whenever the opposite team loses. Even though I`m happy that my favorite team won. I feel so BAD when I see their crying faces. It IS the end! You can see it all over their faces that it is the end. It`s OVER! Because of this round rubber / leather(?) thing that they kick with their feet. I don`t care what it is. The concept is kind of stupid. But again; nothing beats playing this game. I`ve tried a few sports, but nothing came close to football. I broke my leg playing football once. Went to the emergency`s after many hours in agony. Was told to shut up by a doctor "It`s not like you`ve got cancer!" I was 14 years old and had never been in more pain. That was BAD medical treatment.

Do you watch football / soccer? Who will win? Tell me all about it in the comment section below 👇
Life is too short to NOT be a football-idiot, yell and scream and bang your head into the wall if your team loses. Life should be fun. This way it is fun. Right? Just don`t hurt yourself and the people around you! 

And if you`re a player and things go bad, don`t expect the best medical treatment...

So, are you also a football idiot or are you just an idiot in general? 😂

Tell me all about it! 👇

Thank you for being a tourist passing through Mali`s Universe. Thank you for being a witness of all the stories going on inside my mind, simultaneously. 

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  1. Football zzzzZzzZz

    1. Okay....No, football isn`t for everyone obviously. Some people are more idiot than other people. And the idiots are so lame that they play Commondore 64. .......I actually want a Commondore 64....

    2. First you need a new mac, then C64 😉

    3. *Shuts up because she knows Anonymous is right*