No coffee - no brainee!

So, who is my biggest hero? Coffee Annan of course!

Some really intelligent quotes about coffee:

Who needs chocolatte when you have coffee latte?

I don`t shit, I just coffee...(Whatever that means. It sounds like my life, though!)

If you steal my coffee I`ll show you my mokka.
I am gonna mokka you down with my coffee.

No sugar for me. My brain fuels with coffee only.

A coffee a day keeps the ADHD...ALIVE!


If you don`t have coffee I`ll just leave...

Photo taken from my video "What`s wrong with pink?"

I have a never ending  to - do -list...

And I am scared to look at it...


The actual truth.

Do you feel the same way? I don`t drink just one cup. I have several cups. I have tried decaffeine. It made me want to drink MORE coffee! Lets form a group called "Coffee addicted people trying to QUIT". But first we`ll have to drink enough coffee to feel "ready". I`m not ready. Are you?

Let`s just screw trying to quit. They say we`ll never get dementia if we keep on drinking. I don`t remember when I had my last cup of coffee. At least I know who I am...

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