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Welcome back to The Mali Show! 💖 As you can see I don`t do botox in my lips (OR PRETEND to look like a blow up doll. Like everybody else around the world wide web.) YES, I feel there is too many of them. They look a certain way. Why not just be yourself? Please don`t come here and tell me that is really YOU! Why not go back to the 70`s? I don`t even use make up. In this photo I act surprised. Why not show your emotions on a photo? Like a living emoji? Why show the lack of intelligence instead? I don`t hate make up but I feel that make up is just a waste of time, and I also feel it`s distracting. The feeling on my face. But I sometimes use make-up. Whenever I feel like "becoming someone else". On a very rare occation. Because it is really not me. Right now. But this can change in the future. Perhaps in my 50`s. I kind of like the idea to look like some rich woman on the Riviera in the future. I will wear huge sunglasses, a huge hat, and a sequin minidress. 😂

Owning a dog? Get botox in the future?

I am going to be naturally tanned and force myself to sit on the beach for hours with my little dog. Small white poodle with the name Sugar Pie. I will get a stroller for my dog. It will be older than me in dog years. I do not have the capacity to own a dog because you just can`t just have a dog. You need to be available for the dog. I know! I grew up with barking dogs outside of my window. My family loved hunting with our dogs at one point. I got used to walks far in the mountain. Skiing made me that strong willed person that I am. I tried to refuse to go skiing, and after a long argument my voice was heard. Although I was naturally a good skier, it kind of never became my "hobby". On these trips I never experienced any hunting first hand but I just learned that dogs are just not something that you can just play around with, and simply just own to be cool or hip or anything like that. Life is full of surprises. Nothing is set in stone. Maybe I will be a dog owner one day. On the Riviera. With a dog stroller. Carrying my one and ONLY LV purse. Heavy as hell.
Tons of cash in it, just like real rap stars do it, not fake ones. The bag is falling accidentally on the street and the money falls out. Performance-art. A camera crew is documenting this incident. (I payed a desperate person to do it.) It`s making headlines all over Elon Musk`s satellite system (Hate it! And Elon looks so old now. Internet was so much better.) I just turned 55 and left the dog at home.The purse and the performance was way more important. Dogs are not for me, dawg! The male rap-artist in me still thinks he can make it in the industry. So, in case I have to travel to the Grammy`s; who`s gonna take care of the dog? I know this is the life that attracts the botox culture like a magnet, but I refuse to go through some unnatural procedure. Even in my late, late 50`s. When the desperation in people is at its peak. The Norwegian viking woman in me says "NO!" to botox. Actually; the viking woman in me says "Hell no!" to all of this glamour talk that I just mentioned. Including owning a LV purse. I will never pay more than 100 € on a purse AGAIN. It is really not worth it.  I`ve never owned anything more useless in my life, even though I`m still blowing dust off of my bags every time I check my bag collection. You do not get any further in life by owning a designer bag. Every time I walk by Louis Vuitton (after eating at Mc`Donalds) a thought pops into my head; "Walking by Louis Vuitton is a waste of time!" I battle this urge by imagining a viking ship sailing in front of me to stop me. "We slaughtered a whole herd of sheep before we decided what was more important; a new jacket or a bag?"Actually, that viking in me is a very strong willed...MAN with a beard! *Looking up bad boys of the 700`s -1000`s*. 

Ragnar Lothbrok
Arguably the most famous Viking warrior of them all, not least for his role as the leading protagonist in Vikings, the History Channel's popular drama.

Maybe not. Anyway; The real me is searching online for photos from Woodstock to see if I can find myself on one of the photos. From a past life. As a hippie. And sometimes I`m pretending to be in a music video from the 80`s. Sometimes I wish I had a timemachine. But sometimes I go back in time on my videos. The Mali Show - It`s timeless!

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