Do your own thing! TODAY!

Hi, and welcome back! Yes, I`m on YouTube with new videos. I am doing my thing! You should do your thing too! Do you have a "thing"? Are you being the greatest version of yourself? Like I am trying to be? I have been really struggling to be myself at times! They say life is hard. But it really isn`t. That`s only IF you don`t make it through your setbacks in life. But just come back again! Be who you are, then you`ll at least be happy. Dont bury your talents! Don`t make me scream; You matter! You do! Be you! I do me - now you do you! "Oh, that`s so stupid, Mali!" "I am busy cooking this soup! I ain`t got time for this sh*t! I ain`t got time for me!". "All I do with my life is; waking up in the morning, making that coffee (I get that point, though! I really do! Make one for me too!! THIRSTY!) 😂 Eating that sandwich (not even a vegan sandwich - which they talk about all the freaking time at my workplace. They`ve all turned vegan now. I am probably going to be the next victim, right?" (*Afraid of becoming the next victim. Hiding under the kitchen table*) Okay, that was a joke, you guys. My point is; do your own thing! Some people just can`t be vegan. I am not either. I have tried. I craved Sushi too much. But hey! I am not bringing a living chicken to work either. Wait! I don`t have a job...that I go to...every you probably do...some of you. Many of you. All of you? WRONG! BEEEP! *pressing that error - signal that we all hate so much* This is my job now. Thank you very much for reading this important article. This was even for free. No pay-wall or anything here. And I am helping a lot more people out with their self - confidence -  issues than the most famous national newspapers in my country would ever do. 

....Like this isn`t a job too.

My point again; Be who you are! Dream up a great life!

Here I am dreaming up my life. I am in my own little youtube-land, as some of you already know...(And being a little weird as well. But you probably already knew that. At least I am living my best life. And unfortunately a lot of people aren`t. They are sad. Not tapping into who they really ARE! I don`t even have to tap into who I am. Anymore. The cup flows over, honey!)

But yes, I do agree that this is beyond nerdy:

Get even MORE annoyed below...

Ronnie Boi, my alter-ego is back...

Thanks for watching! I hope you are having a fabulous day! 💖

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