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Friday, May 8, 2020

May 08, 2020

Write like a crazy maniac!

The only way that I can be able to blog or do anything creative is if I just come up with an idea really FAST and just write like a crazy maniac.

Without a real topic for the day Mali, aka Mali - My Universe, aka Idol Mali, aka The Mali Show, sits in the kitchen again. Her mind is like a blank canvas. I take that back! Her mind is like a psychedelic acid trip/mushroom trip without ever being near a drug her whole entire life. Because she don`t do that sh*t! I ain`t about that life! (Trying to be ghetto! Which I`ve probably heard on "Love and hip hop")...

Talking to myself: "Stop talking about yourself as a third person!" Also me: "OK!" Let`t go on...Have just sat down on a chair in the kitchen and feel an urgent need to change the topic to some other topic (Adult ADHD, they say!)

Listen to this song before you read more (Or skip it! Not forcing youto watch this sh*t!)...

I used to believe in conspiracy theories in the past. Why are you lying, Mali? You STILL believe in conspiracy theories. And that is why I made a song about it. (A few years ago!) I will make a new one soon, I think. I love the topic. Yes, I am a 13 year old kid disguised as an adult. Don`t tell me about it, I already know. And I really don`t care.

I said I was going to share random stuff. I will share random stuff until I get the opportunity to share my IRL (In real life- life) Which I want to make as cool as my online - life is. (Don`t start! I know you`re gonna say something right now...just keep it to yourselves, lol. Just like I`ve forced my own mother to do over the years...an adult is an adult even if you`re batshit crazy!)

Singing is one of my passions. I got so many passions that I can`t follow my own brain sometimes. It just shifts from one passion to the other. Life is full of secrets. And I am a truthseeker. But I am not seeking the truth in religion. Lepard is my religion! Believe me, I have a song about that too. But I will share that one another time in the future.

Singing gospel songs in my kitchen last year, while I was hooked on livestreaming myself every day on Facebook...

Well, your girl even has a video to prove it (Embarrassing as h*ll!)...

I will take new photos of myself soon. (Crazy outdoor photoshoot!) Great weather, great energies, overall just a great time to be on the planet. The Coronavirus - lifestyle does not stop me. I do not let it change my mood. Trying to keep a high vibration all the freaking time. People are scared. That is the worst feeling ever. Just walked by a person (can`t even tell what gender it was) who didn`t wear a facemask, but put it on just because I came walking down the same road. What the h*ll is wrong with society? We are in nature and there`s no people around and the chances that I am pretty healthy since I got my training shoes on, are pretty HIGH! (And now The Coronavirus - map shows that my area is in a green zone, which is good news!)
"Got my training shoes on!!! HELLO?!!"

That strange conspiracy-look.

Conspiracy-girls need tea too.

Even the Norwegian politician Siv Jensen laughs at Mali from time to time...
"Great work Mali! I`m proud of you!"

Siv shook Mali`s hand once at a meeting and Mali knows that Siv means serious business, only by a handshake. But Mali stopped going to the meetings because people were so racists at the meetings. And they talked so much about the road. And the police.To strenghten those areas. Mali quit and started to take an interest in nature instead. You know; all the green stuff.
Invisible person:"Mali, you have had too much of the green stuff!"
Mali: "YES! I have walked barefeet in nature and it felt good."
Invisible and super-ignorant person: "No, I meant...you seem to be so weird - almost high at times!"
Me: "I am always high! High on life! An invisible drug that you can never sell or buy. It is state of the mind! You should try it!" Invisible person walks away with the tale between the feet like a disappointed dog. Life is about creation and you create your own plot and my mind produces Oscar nominated movies every single day.

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