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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

May 13, 2020

That 10 million dollar feeling

If you feel less glamourous than usual, don`t worry! We all have those days. Just let those days come - and go. Don`t worry too much, just trust the process!
You will get back on your feet again. I wrote myself a 10 million dollar - check too (like Jim Carrey did! Yes, I am a fan!) Just to see where that will take me. Maybe I`ll buy at least a new coat...

But if you have a really great day -  just show it! To me; cheetah is always a winner! I feel better. I feel like a million dollars! ;-) It is an illusion, they say. "You fake bastard!" YES! It`s a fake fur coat! It is always ONLY about the feeling. That 10 million dollar - feeling.

I AM in every movie. I DID win an Oscar! Holding an Oscar in my left hand. And then turning my head, looking down on my right hand; there`s an Oscar in my right hand too.
Here I am going to award shows in one of my past lives (I wonder who I was?)...

We are given free will to follow our choices. You should follow your dreams, though! There is ALWAYS another person out there with a huge company, a huge bank account, with the SAME idea that you have. The only difference between you and that person is their huge bank account AND that the person is even stupider than you are! A total moron and a LOSER! People are STILL buying into that persons SH*T! So you can do it too! (But you don`t have to be a moron to make money, just be yourself! If you are a good person.)

It is all about serving to the universe. I created my own universe, so that I could serve. The easiest homework I`ve ever done in my life, and I never did my homework. I dreamt instead. So that I could create!

Some people are into your sh*t too!
Some people are sitting on their couches just waiting for your sh*t.

What do they need that your talent can provide? 

"You can fail doing what you don`t love so you might as well do what you love!" - Jim Carrey

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