Mali loves to edit...ANYTHING!

Gonna make it short and simple tonight! In this blog post "Mali Loves..." Which is a category on my blog. A category that I made to inspire others. If I show you what I love, maybe you`ll find a new hobby or a new item that YOU love! Get it? I have made a few videos through my life, and that is because I love editing. Editing is EVERYTHING!

I really love to over-use reverbs, delays and echoes.You know; just the echoes of the sound playing inside of my own mind, on rewind. Even over the years, it has been like that - for me. And a constant beat. It is playing to the beat of your own drum, they say...(If I understood what I just wrote now.)

"You`re doing something someone is gonna relate to, hopefully" Jim Carrey said this in a video that I am going to post in the end of this blog post.

Mali doesn`t really care too much about taking care of her own hair, though. (Okay, I will stop talking about myself as a third person. It is annoying.) On a sunny day you`ll probably just see me looking average, like this... (I really don`t try or care to be anything else but AVERAGE in real life, even super-boring at times. Here I actually tried a little bit to look cool but still average.)

But they always say that I look so intelligent on photos...

Jim Carrey is my ultimate inspiration source. I love Jim and sometimes feel like I am the female version of Jim. I agree 150% with this:

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