Convo with GOD!

Had a conversation with God the other day. I CONVINCED MYSELF THAT I am going to blog more often. (SORRY FOR CAPS LOCK, THAT HAPPENS A LOT! I type like a maniac!) I ALWAYS say this! That I will blog. I even said once in my life that I would write a bestseller novel for people to buy during the Christmas Holidays. Had a vision of at least ONE book under the Christmas trees in every household. I usually quit writing after a few days. But I have a blog-addiction again now. It comes and goes. Blogging is a lot easier than vlogging. So, that is actually the main reason. If I could choose I would obviously run around with a vlogging camera. On rollerblades!

BUT; the Corona map shows that my zone is in an orange color, which means that it is almost red. Red is no good.  Which means that I stay at home. Pretending to be vlogging. Pretending to live that glamourous city-life. Windows shopping became shopping inside of my own freaking mind. Where anything can happen. Interestingly enough; that is a way cooler experience than actually shopping. In my mind I can actually afford the LV and Hermes - purses. And in my mind they are in the craziest psychedelic colors.
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