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Hi, blogging almost every day became "ALMOST never" again. But I am once again back! Just like Arnold Swartsenegger (or however it`s spelled!) said yesterday when he sent a cool message to the Norwegian people on the Norwegian national day, May 17th. (Which I am a part of myself, since I am Norwegian) "Sekkeløp" will be back!" (jumping with a potatobag -  competition. Strong competition genes in the Norwegian people!) "It will all be back!", he said. Trust me! NOTHING can stop the Norwegian people from celebrating May 17th!! NOTHING!! Never have I seen anything more desperate, but in a cool way. I love it myself, even though people (ironically!) say that we Norwegians are not so very social and actually have a natural social distancing culture. And we sometimes admit this ourselves too. But I do not agree with this. I have experienced way more of this tendency in other cultures. It is something people think because they don`t  know Norwegians. And they have obviously never been on a cosy cabin trip with any of us ever before (lol! the sh*t we do when we hang out; playing cards and talk gossip (don`t know if that is so positive? *Ehhh!* *Jeopardy signal!* hell yeah it is! It is what all normal people do!! Daaah!) Drink the nights away, lol, sometimes alcohol, sometimes just hot cocoa (but some of us like to put a little extra into the hot cocoa! I never did that...because OBVIOUSLY!! (daah!) I am on a natural high like all-the-freakin`-time (STOP lying to us MALI?!) We Norwegians, (at least the ones I am related to! There`s an OVERLOAD of social contact and you wish they left earlier...) we are simply "up to no good" - in a positive way...(can you even say that?) I know I should stop talking for a whole nation, though. But at least it was somewhat positive. FOR NOW! Yeah that`s right, because your girl Mali will be back with more stories in the future. Trust that! 

Any-freakin-way; 6ix9ine got out of prison not long ago...this is his new music video...

I have always liked over-the-top weird-looking people and music (I love gangster rap, believe it or not.) And the hair of this dude! This song "GOOBA" is so boring. I'm so sorry, but it has no melody or anything catchy what-so-ever. His older song "Gotti" is great. I love it. Listened to it repeatedly for a while...

I made this photoshopped photo way before I even knew who this rapper is. I listen to all kinds of music by the way. It is part of who I am as a person. You know; all the stories going on inside of my own mind, simultaneously, I guess.

I am a little crazy myself and I feel it`s important to be your own biggest fan. In the end it comes down to this; you were born alone - you`re gonna die alone. You are on your own personal mission on earth. Everything in between, birth and death, the way you choose to live your life, is completely up to you! (You can even be a clout chaser! You do you - Let me do me!)

Clout-chaser means:
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You don`t need to do anything to gain popularity - other than being yourself and LOVING yourself. 

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